Ex-Raiders executive Amy Trask bizarrely claims Brock Purdy is the ‘worst’ QB left in the playoffs

Amy Trask belittled Brock Purdy ahead of the San Francisco 49ers' divisional round game against the Packers.

Ex-Raiders executive Amy Trask bizarrely claims Brock Purdy is the ‘worst’ QB left in the playoffs

Brock Purdy (L - Imago) and Amy Trask (R- Screengrab/ The Rich Eisen Show/ X)

The San Francisco 49ers, led by their second-year quarterback Brock Purdy, are currently preparing for their divisional-round playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, which is scheduled to take place this Saturday. Ahead of the crucial divisional round weekend, the former Las Vegas Raiders executive Amy Trask blasts Purdy and labels him as the worst quarterback left in the playoffs.

During a recent episode of What The Football podcast hosted by Amy Trask and Suzy Shuster, the former Raiders executive went on a rant against Purdy while belittling the 49ers QB’s achievements in the league.

(We have) 4 games, 8 quarterbacks, seven terrific quarterbacks, and Brock Purdy. Now, Brock Purdy is a good quarterback, no mistake about it. Be calm, 49ers fans... I'm not suggesting Brock's not a good quarterback, he is. I simply don't put him in the same category as the other quarterbacks.
Amy Trask said on her show What The Football

Just like every Purdy hater, Trask also pointed out the Pro Bowl quarterback having great teammates as the reason for her hatred. Trask believes Purdy is only playing good football since he has many star players around him.

In his first full year as a starter, Purdy registered 4,280 passing yards and 33 touchdowns while completing 69.4 percent of his pass attempts. He also led the Niners to a NFC West division title with a solid record of 12 wins and 5 losses. As a result, he received a Pro Bowl nod in his first full season as a starter and the Niners were able to get the No.1 seed in the NFC Playoff picture.

Amy Trask doubles down on her Brock Purdy take

After Amy Trask blasted the 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy on her podcast, she received massive backlash from the Niners nation. However, the former Raiders executive stood on her business and doubled down on her take during a recent episode of 95.7 The Game radio show.

Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy (via Imago)
[Brock Purdy's] surrounded by a tremendous, tremendous cast that the 49ers, John Lynch and the 49ers, have put together. So when I say that I think Baker Mayfield is doing more. It's because I think he's doing more with far less.
Amy Trask said on 95.7 The Game

Even this time, Trask simply said that Purdy’s teammates are the reason he is not rated as a top quarterback, instead of providing an actual reason. Trask believes Baker Mayfield, Jordan Love, and Jared Goff are currently better signal-callers than Purdy.

On the sporting side of things, Purdy would be focused on helping his team defeat the No. 7-seeded Packers in their divisional-round playoff game this Sunday.

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