“He was knocking the rust off”: Andy Reid sees potential in Chiefs draft pick Justyn Ross

Kansas City Chiefs HC Andy Reid speaks on undrafted rookie WR Justyn Ross' skills and his performance at rookie minicamp

Andy Reid and Justyn Ross
Andy Reid and Justyn Ross

The Kansas City Chiefs appear to have hit a speedbump with their latest signing, though the team picked a skilled player who many consider to be an underdog, he may not be ready to take the field as of yet. This is not entirely surprising as every year in the draft, there are only a handful of players who actually are pro-ready and take the field almost immediately.

Justyn Ross, the Chiefs’ undrafted free agent this year is one of the players who need some grooming. Coach Andy Reid slowed down the hype around him today in an interview. Justyn Ross recorded 46 receptions for a total of 1,000 yards and 9 TDs in 2018 at Clemson. He was one of the top receivers in college football and played a great role in helping Alabama emerge victorious in the National Championship game.

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“He’s a big kid, he’s smart enough to figure everything out”:

Ross was unable to play in College Football for the last two seasons as he has been dealing with injuries such as a broken foot and an issue with his spine. These injuries led to him being undrafted.

Ever since he became a Kansas City Chief, the hype around him has been increasing especially at rookie minicamp. He has now been medically cleared to play and was seen practicing as well. Head Coach Andy Reid saw some things from the wideout that caught his attention.

Yeah, so I kind of did see something from him, he’s a big kid that’s smooth and runs well. He’s kind of feeling himself out here, just a little bit, having been hurt before, the last couple of years. But he sure has a lot of talent there. I’m looking forward to getting with him, he’s a smart kid, smart enough to figure everything out,” Reid said.

When asked if there was a way to get Justyn Ross to his prime form that we all witnessed in his freshman season in Clemson. Reid was straight up with respect to the status of the rookie, “I’d probably tell you, yeah, he was knocking the rust off here, but you can see the skill there.”

It is plausible that Ross could be an integral part of the Kansas City Chiefs offense now that Tyreek Hill is going, however, he does have a lot to learn in order to get there. Coach Reid feels that Ross is up for the challenge but at the same time he needs to see him put in that work and get to that next level.

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