Announcer bizarrely addresses Jason Kelce as Taylor Swift’s ‘brother-in-law’ during shocking WrestleMania appearance in Philly

The announcer wasn't able to remember whose 'brother in law' Jason Kelce is so Pat McAfee had to play a song to make him recognize.

Announcer bizarrely addresses Jason Kelce as Taylor Swift’s ‘brother-in-law’ during shocking WrestleMania appearance in Philly

(L) Taylor Swift and (R) Jason Kelce (Image via IMAGO)

Taylor Swift‘s ‘brother-in-law’ Jason Kelce debuted on WWE on Saturday during WrestleMania 40 at the Philadelphia Eagles home, the Lincoln Financial Field. Yes, the 14-time Grammy winner’s brother-in-law—that’s what WWE announcer Michael Cole referred to Kelce as.

As promised, the former Eagles center, flanked by Lane Johnson, made a special guest appearance. They jumped in the ring during Ray Mysterio‘s bout wearing Luchador masks to conceal their identities.

As soon as the match ended, they took off their masks, and the Philadelphia crowd went wild to see the man who delivered their latest Super Bowl. Unlike George Kittle, Kelce is a very popular figure in Philadelphia. He is also famous around the world for being the brother of Travis Kelce, who is dating Taylor Swift.

Wrestling enthusiast Pat McAfee was a special guest announcer at the table, along with Michael Cole and Corey Graves. As Kelce and Johnson were soaking in the charged vibe from the crowd, McAfee could be heard saying, “Welcome to Wrestlemania, Philadelphia Eagles.” Cole then asked the obvious question, but with a twist.

Isn’t that whatshername’s [Taylor Swift] brother-in-law?
Michael Cole asked Pat McAfee

The former Indianapolis Colts punter then played Swift’s hit song ’22’ without correcting the ‘in-law’ part.

Are you feeling 22!!! Is that who you are talking about?
McAfee said while singing the lyrics

Taylor Swift is fond of Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro tight end and the ‘cruel summer’ singer started dating last year. Yet, it took her more than 4 months to finally meet with the extended Kelce family at the AFC Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills on January 21. Being an Eagles player, Jason lives in Philadelphia, so attending his brother’s game was hard, which Swift has rarely missed since she first appeared in September 2023.

Announcer bizarrely addresses Jason Kelce as Taylor Swift's brother-in-law during shocking WrestleMania appearance in Philly
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image via IMAGO)

During their January 24 episode of the New Heights podcast, Travis revealed that Swift loved getting acquainted with Jason and his wife, Kylie Kelce.

Tay said she absolutely loved you.

Travis Kelce said

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift recently spent time together in Las Vegas soaking up the sun. The Chiefs receiving yards leader is close to adding ‘game show host’ to his resume as he will be the face of the rebooted ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

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