Antonio Brown goes on yet another social media breakdown claiming he allegedly had s*x with Tom Brady’s girl

Antonio Brown took shots at Tom Brady and Kanye West in his latest social media rant.

Antonio Brown goes on yet another social media breakdown claiming he allegedly had s*x with Tom Brady’s girl

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady (via AP)

Antonio Brown should begin charging Tom Brady a monthly rent. Despite having been out of the NFL for 2 years, the former NFL QB is living rent-free in Brown’s head. This time, AB continued his charade of attempting to insult Tom Brady by taking a shot at him in a series of posts on X.


Once hailed as a generational talent, Brown’s struggles in the locker room and off the field led to his departure from the NFL. On Friday, AB posted some absurd tweets to ignite unnecessary discussions.

I just f*** Tom bi***
Antonio Brown on X

It is not clear who he is referring to as Tom Brady’s dating life after his divorce from Gisele Bündchen has been private. Brown had previously implied that he slept with Brady’s ex-wife right around the time when rumors about the two getting a divorce had begun to surface.

Antonio Brown also took a shot at Kanye West as well. It was rather surprising, as he is the President of Donda Sports, the management company owned by Ye. In another post, the former wideout stated he “got Alzheimer’s” because he could not recall who he was in bed with the previous night.


Antonio Brown continues to seek attention from the media

This is just one of many bizarre incidents pertaining to Brown. Ever since he got danced his way out of the NFL, it has been a struggle for him to stay relevant in the media circles. He has had beef with Tom Brady for a while. It is unfortunate to see that even though the QB gave him a second chance to revive his career in the league, Brown blew it.

Antonio Brown and his recent tweets
Antonio Brown and his recent tweets (IMAGE: AP Photo/X)

From that point on, it has just been the wideout taking shots at him and calling him out at every turn. He has found some success in his venture as a rapper, some of his singles include Pit not the Palace, Whole Lotta Money, Shoulder Pads, etc.. His career will go down as one of the bigger “What if’s?” in NFL history.

He had the potential to become the best wideout in league history. His work ethic was unmatched, but his erratic behavior led to the demise of his career. It is unfortunate to see him diminish Tom Brady in such a manner because, at one point, the QB took him into his own house while there were allegations of sexual misconduct levied against him.

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