WATCH: Baker Mayfield ‘almost’ throws a perfect Hail Mary for Bucs’ last-second win only to be robbed by the referees

Mayfield's last gasp attempt went to waste as Tampa tasted another defeat.

WATCH: Baker Mayfield ‘almost’ throws a perfect Hail Mary for Bucs’ last-second win only to be robbed by the referees

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield during the Buffalo Bills game (Image via IMAGO)

Baker Mayfield did not leave any stones unturned on Thursday night to win the game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If only Chris Godwin had seen the ball sooner.


In the dying embers of the game against the Buffalo Bills, Tampa was trailing 24-18. With four seconds left, Mayfield used his last straw. After taking a shotgun snap, he scrambled around in his pocket, dodging a few challenges, and threw a Hail Mary at the Bills endzone. Despite a host of players gathered under the trajectory, no one was able to grab it.

However, looking from another angle revealed that the catch was possible. Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin was right beneath the timed Mayfield pass in the Bills end zone. However, at the crucial moment, the 27-year-old took his eyes off the ball, and it dropped right next to him.

Mayfield had been economical throughout the night, and if Godwin had managed to pluck that ball, then the scores would have been different. Few even called for a pass interference on Godwin. They pointed out that he was being held by the Bills defenders, which restricted his movement, resulting in an incomplete pass. With the result, the Bucs’ horrible run of three straight defeats continues.


Not the day for Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The game went to the wire yesterday, and at one point, it looked to be turning in favor of the Buccaneers. Just before Chris Godwin failed the Hail Mary attempt, Baker Mayfield reduced the deficit with an accurate pass.

Close to the 2-minute warning mark, the 28-year-old found star receiver Mike Evans. For a split second, everyone in the stadium thought Evans would not be able to hold on as the pass was behind him. However, he managed to twist his body while running backward in the endzone and grab the pass for a 24-yard touchdown.

WATCH: Baker Mayfield ‘almost’ throws a perfect Hail Mary for Bucs’ last-second win only to be robbed by the referees

Chris Godwin
Baker Mayfield #6 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Image via IMAGO)

That ignited hope amongst the traveling contingent, which ended in disappointment on the next Bucs drive. After the game, Mayfield pointed out that they worked hard and would have loved to have a positive result.

The Hail Mary looked like a bunch of guys laying on the ground over there. I'm not sure who tripped over who.We gave ourselves a chance. When you are down two scores in a hostile environment on the road in a short week, we love to be in a different situation, but we were that close.
Baker Mayfield in the postmatch press conference.

Head coach Todd Bowles told the New York Post:

We fought our tails off, and we understand how hard we fought. Small mistakes cost us the game.

Mayfield ended the game with 25 completions from 42 passes for 237 yards and threw 2 touchdowns. Godwin had five receptions for 54 yards and one touchdown. This loss against the Bills leaves the Bucs with three wins and four defeats in seven games.

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