Baker Mayfield’s picture in Seattle Seahawks jersey sends fans into a frenzy over trade; but it’s Fake

Pro Football Talk has confirmed that the viral photo of Baker Mayfield in a Seattle Seahawks jersey is fake.

Baker Mayfield in a Seattle Seahawks shirt

There have been a lot of quarterbacks being traded in the offseason season and some have been blockbuster deals. Two of the most prominent ones have definitely been Russel Wilson’s trade to the Denver Broncos from the Seattle Seahawks.

And the second is Deshaun Watson from the Houstan Texans to the Cleveland Browns. However the second one has been very problematic and there’s still no surety if Deshaun Watson will feature for the Browns.

Baker Mayfield sporting a Seattle Seahawks jersey is a fake

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield

With Deshaun Watson coming into the Cleveland Browns squad it was clear that former number one Baker Mayfield was no longer the starting quarterback. Hence Baker Mayfield started looking for options outside of the Browns.

One team who showed considerable interest in him and still continues to do sp was the Seattle Seahawks who recently lost Russel Wilson and are desperately trying to fill his boots.

Baker Mayfield also has been open to joining the Seattle Seahawks and has withdrew from the mandatory minicamp of the Browns. Recently a picture which has been confirmed as a fake shows Baker Mayfield in a Seattle Seahawks ‘No.6’ jersey.

There has been a fake Pro Shop page which showed a Seahawks No. 6 Mayfield jersey for sale. However fans quickly pointed out that it was not true as Quandre Diggs currently wears No. 6 for the Seahawks.

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