Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase breaks silence on D.K. Metcalf claiming CB Devon Witherspoon will get the better of Chase this week

While praising the Bengals WR, Metcalf couldn't help tipping hat to his teammate.

Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase breaks silence on D.K. Metcalf claiming CB Devon Witherspoon will get the better of Chase this week

(L) Ja'Marr Chase; (M) Devon Witherspoon ; (R) D.K. Metcalf (Via user generated content)

The Sunday Night Football match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Seattle Seahawks is getting heated with words as players are being indulged in a war of words. It was started by D.K. Metcalf, the wide receiver of the Seahawks who said that Ja’Marr Chase, the WR for the Bengals would be silenced by his teammate Devon Witherspoon, who plays as the cornerback for the Seahawks.


In an interaction session with the press, Metcalf said, “It’s great what he (Chase)’s done in his first three years in the league, and it will be fun to watch on Sunday.”

“But I think Spoon (Devon Witherspoon) will get the best of him,” the Seahawks WR added after complimenting the Bengals star player. 

A few hours after the comment, Chase opened himself against the remark and provided a reply. Addressing the press, Chase seemed sporting as he said, “He just praised his teammate. As we were supposed to do. It is a matchup and we have to see who wins the matchup.” 


Though Chase was sporting in front of the media, the WR would like to give a befitting reply on the field. He is an important figure in this Bengals team and he would like to maintain his reputation. 

The Cincinnati Bengals are going through a tough phase. They started their 2023 NFL season poorly by losing back-to-back games. Presently, they are down by 2-3 and after winning their last one, the team is looking for another victory against the Seahawks.

They need a good performance from both Joe Burrow and Ja Marr’ Chase. The former has failed to showcase his class till now. It is to be seen whether he gets the best out of him in the coming time. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the Bengals to reach the playoffs. 

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Injury question for Burrow remains 

Joe Burrow‘s NFL journey this year became difficult due to the injuries that he suffered. He was earlier injured in the training camp, which compelled him to miss the preseason and training game. It created a lack of chemistry between him and the players. Burrow did play in the season opener but failed to create a difference.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow (via imago)

Burrow suffered a second injury in the next immediate game of the season. He still continued to play. Back-to-back injuries have made his possibilities difficult. However, he is seeking in desperation to turn the tables for himself and his team.

The Bengals will be going against the Seahawks this weekend.

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