Bengals turn in ‘hours of footage’ to the NFL as proof of Joe Burrow being healthy prior to the Ravens game

Joe Burrow was ruled out for the season due to the right hand injury.

Bengals turn in ‘hours of footage’ to the NFL as proof of Joe Burrow being healthy prior to the Ravens game

Joe Burrow (via CNN)

The Cincinnati Bengals might face some serious trouble due to Joe Burrow‘s right-hand injury. The saga started before their recent game against the Baltimore Ravens when the Bengals’ social media team deleted a video of Burrow wearing protective gear on the wrist before the game. The star quarterback aggravated the injury further during the game and was later ruled out for the season.


The NFL recently launched an investigation into the situation for not listing their quarterback on the injury report before the game. According to the NFL, a player must be put on the IR if they are unable to participate or play in the game. The Bengals have now “turned in hours of footage” as evidence to prove that Burrow was healthy prior to the game.

A report regarding the situation said that the Bengals’ QB was healthy prior to the game and required no treatment for the injury. The report stated:

Based on information turned over by the Bengals, Burrow received no treatment before practice and missed no time in preparation for the game against the Ravens.

The Bengals are set to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.


Burrow will be replaced by backup QB Jake Browning for the rest of the season. The Bengals came into the season with Super Bowl aspirations. However, with Burrow no longer fit to play, the Bengals will hope to at least reach the postseason.

Joe Burrow set to undergo a surgery for torn ligament in his right wrist

Joe Burrow will undergo a wrist surgery on Monday, according to sources. He was ruled out for the season after tearing his ligament during the Cincinnati Bengals-Baltimore Ravens game last Thursday. Backup QB Jake Browning will replace Burrow for the rest of the season.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow (via NBC News)

Burrow is expected to return next season after the surgery. The Bengals were Super Bowl contenders this season. However, Burrow has had a rough season due to injuries. He suffered a calf injury during training camp earlier this season and was affected by it during the first few weeks.

The Bengals lost their last game against the Baltimore Ravens. They are 5-5 so far this season and will be looking to make a push for a playoff spot. However, with Burrow gone, it will be a difficult second half of the season for the Bengals. Browning will make his first career start for the Bengals against the Steelers on Sunday.


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