Ryan Reynolds’ $30 million wife Blake Lively, who was in Taylor Swift’s box, wore almost half a million worth of jewelry at Super Bowl

Blake Lively was Travis Kelce's girlfriend Taylor Swift's guest at Super Bowl LVIII.

Ryan Reynolds’ $30 million wife Blake Lively, who was in Taylor Swift’s box, wore almost half a million worth of jewelry at Super Bowl

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively react during the first quarter of Super Bowl LVIII between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium. Paradise Allegiant Stadium Nevada USA (Image via IMAGO)

Ryan Reynolds’ wife and Hollywood royalty Blake Lively graced the Super Bowl LVIII with her presence in the Kansas City Chiefs‘ box. She was standing with her friend Taylor Swift and attracted a lot of media spaces. Lively was spotted cheering, jumping and celebrating along with Swift.


What attracted more than her presence was the pieces of jewelry that she wore. A Germany-based fashion blogger, Nesa made a video on her Instagram revealing what jewelry Lively wore. Nesa spoke explicitly about the cost of the jewelry. The video attracted a lot of reactions from Netizens who praised the vast array of jewelry that Lively carried.

Blake had a link hardware necklace, which was worth $18,500. In addition, the actress carried a diamond pave necklace worth $78,000 and a chunky yellow gold necklace worth $62,000. She was also dazzling with her earrings. The famous actress wore Solitaire diamonds worth $1,650 and got tongues wagging with Elsa Peretti snake earrings worth $4,000.

The celebrity was seen in a link bracelet with a diamond variation, worth $12,500 and $26,500. She also had the Elsa Peretti swirl cuff ($12,300) and the clunky Elsa Peretti doughnut bangle ($29,000). Furthermore, the Elsa Peretti doughnut bangle in sterling silver ($1,825), the diamond-encrusted lock bangle in yellow gold ($40,000), and white gold ($16,000) looked exotic on her.


Adding more to the bracelets, she had a diamond double-row bracelet in white gold ($54,000) and a T square bangle ($7,800). She revealed a hinged bangle ($7,500) and similar pieces of design made of diamonds. Lively also wore a diamond style (worth $$42,000) with a gold option worth $17,000. Her jewelry collection stunned the audience. Overall, she wore pieces of pieces of jewelry worth $500,000.

Blake Lively supported the Chiefs in the Super Bowl probably because of Taylor Swift

The actress cheered with her heart out in support of the Chiefs. She was seen alongside Taylor Swift and rapper Ice Spice. The actress jumped, punched in the air, and celebrated each of the moves that the Chiefs had against the San Francisco 49ers. Her presence added a different angle to the Super Bowl game.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes celebrating consecutive SB wins
Kansas City Chiefs and QB Patrick Mahomes celebrating consecutive Super Bowl win (Via Imago)

The Chiefs did not let go of her support in vain. Despite all the struggles till the third quarter, the team managed to secure the victory in the thrilling Super Bowl encounter.

Both Lively and her friend Taylor Swift left the ground with uttermost satisfaction. Lively witnessed the Chiefs’ consecutive championship-winning moment, and the fans enjoyed both. Her presence as well as the Super Bowl win of the Kansas City Chiefs.


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