WATCH: Brock Purdy’s father ‘proudly’ reflects on his son’s heroics for the 49ers in the NFC Championship victory over the Lions

The San Francisco 49ers won the NFC Championship game against the Lions last Sunday.

WATCH: Brock Purdy’s father ‘proudly’ reflects on his son’s heroics for the 49ers in the NFC Championship victory over the Lions

Shawn Purdy and Brock Purdy (imago/Outkick)

Brock Purdy made his father Shawn Purdy proud. Last Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Detroit Lions to clinch the NFC championship. A title that they failed to win last time due to several unfortunate incidents taking place. Purdy was subjected to an injury and had to leave the field early in the game. As a result, the Niners lost against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, almost a year later, they have redeemed themselves. The regular season went well with Purdy and Christian McCaffrey twinning. The magic also prevailed in the postseason. The Niners had two clutch victories against the Packers and the Lions.

In the NFC championship game, they were trailing by 7-24 in halftime but showed their resilience in the second half. A phenomenal third quarter followed by a tenacious fourth sealed the victory for them.

If the clutch victory has made anyone proud then he is Brock Purdy’s father Shawn Purdy. Speaking on the victory, Purdy’s father could not hide his tears. He said that he was proud of how Purdy showed great character to seal the victory.

I am so proud of him. The resilience and just what went on last year and how bad he felt for the guys. I know he was going to do everything he could to take these guys back and to get in there and 2023 champions. Unbelievable
Shawn Purdy said

Brock Purdy will have a mammoth job against the Chiefs

Brock Purdy and the 49ers have a big test ahead of them as they preparing to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl game. The postseason did not see the best version of him as he remained more or less silent. The quarterback had a bad game against the Packers but was able to orchestrate a game-winning drive.

Brock Purdy 49ers
Brock Purdy (Via KION)

In the game against the Lions, the 49ers QB was not clinical and not at his usual best. He did not have a clean game as he threw one interception. Purdy can’t afford that against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Against the Chiefs, Purdy will have to be at his usual best. The Chiefs have the second-best defense in the league. No one has ever scored more than 30 points in this season against Kansas City’s defense. Hence, the Niners need to be at their absolute best.

Throughout the season, Purdy has twinned with Christian McCaffrey very well. McCaffrey proved himself in the playoffs also. The All-Pro running back has scored four touchdowns in two postseason games. Now, it is time for Purdy to lead the Niners to a Super Bowl victory against the Chiefs.

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