WATCH: “Hell yeah baby!” Panthers QB Bryce Young fired up after registering his first NFL win after 6 consecutive losses

Bryce Young was the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

WATCH: “Hell yeah baby!” Panthers QB Bryce Young fired up after registering his first NFL win after 6 consecutive losses

Bryce Young was hyped after the win (via X)

The Carolina Panthers had an abysmal start to their 2023 NFL season. They lost their first six games of the season and were looking lost. They were in desperate need of a win, and their wish was fulfilled as the Panthers eked out a two-point win against the Houston Texans on Sunday. It was also Bryce Young‘s first win in the NFL.


Young, who was drafted first overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, had a tough start to his career. After two losses in the first two weeks, Young was ruled out of the Panthers’ Week 3 game against the Seattle Seahawks. 

He returned to action the next week, but the results did not change. In week 8, however, the rookie got his first win against his good friend and fellow rookie QB, C.J. Stroud, and the Texans. Young was understandably hyped to get his first victory in the NFL.

The Panthers’ social media team shared a video of their locker room celebration after the game. In the video, Young was hyped to get his first win as he was mobbed by teammates when he entered the room. He kept on yelling, “Hell yeah, baby!” when he entered the locker room. The Panthers captioned the video as: 

hell yeah babyyyy.

So far this season, Young has 1,202 passing yards and seven TDs to go along with four interceptions. His rating is 82.3, and he has completed 64.3 percent of his passes. Maybe this win can ignite a streak of great performances from the rookie.

Frank Reich and the Panthers ‘got the guy’ they wanted in Bryce Young

Before the Carolina Panthers’ first win of the season on Sunday against the Houston Texans, HC Frank Reich clarified that they had wanted Bryce Young to be their QB since day one. 

Bryce Young
Bryce Young (via Carolina Panthers)

Two QBs were selected with the first and second overall picks this season, with the Panthers selecting Young and the Texans selecting C.J. Stroud. Both the QBs have had contrasting starts to their careers, but Reich said that they wanted Young to lead them in the future.

Yeah, I mean, we got the guy we wanted to get and couldn't be happier about that in every way. And I would say this: I'm happy for C.J. He's had six good games, and I have no doubt he'll have many more good games. 
Reich said on Wednesday

He further added:

But I know this: when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks or any position, it's years, not weeks. You can't put a label on a guy after six weeks or even a year. I've seen guys have Pro Bowl seasons and then a year later, fighting to be a backup somewhere else.

Stroud has had a better start to the season than Young. However, the first overall pick got the better of his friend and the second overall pick on Sunday. The Panthers got their first win of the season and will look to build on it in the upcoming games.

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