Calvin Ridley firmly believes he is the missing piece who will lead the Tennessee Titans to contender status

With Ridley, DeAndre Hopkins, and Tony Pollard, the Titans have one of the most complete offenses in the NFL.

Calvin Ridley firmly believes he is the missing piece who will lead the Tennessee Titans to contender status

Calvin Ridley (via Imago)

Calvin Ridley made big bank this off-season as the wide receiver opted to switch to the Tennessee Titans from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He signed a four-year deal worth $92 million, making him one of the top-paid players in his position. The reason Ridley made the switch is that he views himself as the missing piece who will play a pivotal role in helping the Titans become contenders in their division.

I was watching them and looking at the things they did have...I know that D-Hop's here and I know that I wanted to play with another receiver on the other side that could help me do what I do best. I know that they had a really good defense...
the wideout said at his introductory presser

Calvin Ridley compared his situation in Jacksonville to that in Tennessee. It later made more sense to him because the team was better suited to make a playoff run. With a certified elite receiver in DeAndre Hopkins and an up-and-coming defense, the Titans have more potential than the Jags do at this moment. However, the decision was not an easy one for Ridley to make.

Calvin Ridley believes he has more to contribute in Tennessee than in Jacksonville

Ridley played 17 games this season and caught 76 passes for 1,016 yards with 8 touchdowns. He believes he has more to contribute and with DeAndre Hopkins by his side, his task will become significantly easier. Hopkins recorded a 1,000-yard season and with dual-threats on the field, defenses will be left scrambling to cover them efficiently.

I really wanted to be with the Jags, but there's a lot of things that wasn't working out for me and then I think the Titans had that other side for me, so I chose the Titans. Obviously, the money was pretty good, so I went with that. 
Ridley spoke on his mindset while making the final call with respect to his future
Calvin Ridley
Calvin Ridley (via Imago)

The Titans lost out on their biggest asset, Derrick Henry, to the Baltimore Ravens. While it is a blow to their backfield, the team quickly ensured they sign a competent star in Tony Pollard to make up for it. With a well-rounded offense, the Titans are looking like a formidable threat. Brian Callahan has more weapons to work with than Mike Vrabel did and it will be interesting to see how he utilizes them.

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