“Says the guys who no team wants” – Cam Newton gets whacked by NFL crowd for saying top 2023 MVP probables like Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott are not difference-makers

Cam Newton was slammed by fans for calling Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott game managers while discussing the NFL MVP this season. 

“Says the guys who no team wants” – Cam Newton gets whacked by NFL crowd for saying top 2023 MVP probables like Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott are not difference-makers

Brock Purdy (L - via Imago), Cam Newton (M - via CNN) and Dak Prescott (R - via Imago)

The NFL MVP debate has been a fascinating discussion this season. A lot of candidates have emerged through the 14 weeks of the season for the coveted award. Some names are expected to be in that debate; however, some names have been a major surprise. 

Two names that no one thought would be in the MVP race before the start of the season are San Francisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy and Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott.

Both of these QBs have led their respective teams to a 10-3 record this season. Purdy has been phenomenal as the Niners signal-caller, whereas Prescott is having his best year so far. 

Although these two have been a major part of their team’s success this season, there are still some skeptics in the football world who think that both of these quarterbacks are just game managers and not difference-makers. Former NFL MVP Cam Newton is one of those skeptics.

Brock [Purdy], they're [49ers] not winning because of him. He's managing the game. And if we were to put that in its own right as 'game managers,' Brock Purdy, Tua Tagovailoa and Jared Goff. And, really, Dak Prescott. These are game managers; they are not difference makers.
Newton said on his ‘4th & 1 with Cam Newton’ podcast
Listen m***********, I don't give a damn what you do. You don't have to score every time. You just don't have to throw a pick every time, either. If we're going to really call a spade a spade, a game manager is different from a game-changer.
He further continued

Purdy, so far this season, has thrown for 3,553 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. Prescott, on the other hand, has racked up 3,505 yards, 28 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions. They have been great in recent weeks for their respective teams and will hope to continue their stellar form going forward.

Fans blast Cam Newton for his comments on Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott

Former Carolina Panthers‘ QB Cam Newton gave his thoughts on the raging MVP debate this season. While talking about the candidates on his podcast, Newton called the MVP frontrunners, Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott, game managers.

Both Purdy and Prescott are among the favorites to win the coveted award this season due to their stellar performances.

Brock Purdy (L), Dak Prescott (M) and Cam Newton (R)
Brock Purdy (L – via Imago), Dak Prescott (M – via Imago) and Cam Newton (R – via ESPN)

However, fans on social media were not happy with Newton’s comments, as they slammed the former MVP for claiming that both of these QBs are game managers and not difference-makers. Newton hasn’t played in the league since 2021 and is a free agent right now. Fans blasted Newton by talking about his current status. 

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Newton played in the league for 11 seasons. He was drafted first overall in the 2011 NFL Draft by the Panthers and led them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2015. He won MVP the same year.

However, the QB was traded to the New England Patriots in 2020 and played one season for them. He was back with the Panthers in the 2021 season but played only eight games for them. Newton has been a free agent since then.

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