Bears roll out red carpet for Caleb Williams during Top-30 visit, solidifying No. 1 Draft interest; Jamie Foxx among celebrities present

Caleb Williams is a natural star whom the Bears believe is the solution to their quarterback woes.

Bears roll out red carpet for Caleb Williams during Top-30 visit, solidifying No. 1 Draft interest; Jamie Foxx among celebrities present

Caleb Williams and Jamie Foxx (via IMAGO/ Variety)

In just two more weeks, it will be the dawn of a new day in the city of Chicago. The Bears will utilize their first pick in the NFL Draft to pick their second quarterback in three years.


As the team has made it evident that it intends to pick Caleb Williams with the first pick, the organization is now treating him with all the perks as though he is already a member of the roster.

Caleb Williams traveled to Chicago this week and the organization ensured the future franchise QB got the treatment of a star. The Chicago Bears organized a dinner for him at the iconic Sophia Steaks in Lake Forest.

His visit was not filled entirely with pleasure as the team is likely to have included a key part of business by conducting his medical evaluations. The quarterback had not undergone these evaluations during the Combine.


What was more impressive is the fact that Caleb Williams has established himself as a phenomenon. Just one day before the quarterback’s Pro Day, he dined at the expense of the Bears in Los Angeles at the Bird Streets restaurant. As per Josh Schrock of NBC Sports Chicago, Williams attracted the brightest stars of LA, such as Jamie Foxx and Quavo from Migos.

The Chicago Bears are confident about Caleb Williams becoming the team’s long-term franchise QB

The A-List Celebrity Test is a way for the Chicago Bears to test how well their star would hold up around celebrities. It is important for the franchise players to remain composed and irk the interest of stars when they hang around them. 

It was kind of cool for the Bears guys, I spoke to sources there, to see how Caleb kinda operates in that LA scene. At that dinner, they're there at a table. But there are also celebrities...The one thing that the Bears have told me in that interaction was 'He moves quietly.' He's not a 'Look at me!' guy. If anything, he's kinda quiet and a little bit more reserved than you would imagine from a Heisman Trophy No.1 overall pick, who made all this NIL money. 
The reporter said
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams (via IMAGO)

If more stars tend to like a player and frequent the games of the team, it will generate more interest in the franchise and generate more revenue.

Caleb Williams has had the attitude of a star player for the entirety of the college football season. He is a confident young man who possesses the talent necessary for a franchise quarterback, but in addition to that, he has a strong character. 


He has managed to take the harshest criticism from fans, be it for USC falling short last season or for having an odd color preference for phone cases and painted nails. The Bears are convinced that Williams is the man for the job!

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