“NOBODY wanted you, your career is in the toilet”: Colin Cowherd bashes Baker Mayfield’s ego

Colin Cowherd has some advice for Baker Mayfield in light of the recent developments across the league and considering the fact that no team wants him on their roster

Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns are in a unique situation, they have two top quarterbacks in their backyard and seem to want to keep both of them. The team has traded for Deshaun Watson and has paid him a whopping $230 million guaranteed making it one of the biggest deals in NFL history. This has left Baker Mayfield without a job and to add insult to injury, no other team in the league has expressed interest in him either.

The one advantage that he has is that Deshaun Watson is doubtful to start the season as of yet. The NFL is taking a call on what to do with him following the allegations of sexual misconduct from 22 women. In the likelihood of a suspension, the Browns will need to have a solid plan-B option which is why they appear to be retaining Baker Mayfield.

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“Egos hurt and those Oklahoma egos are sizeable, they come with a big chip on shoulders”: Colin Cowherd

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield has been accused of having a toxic attitude

Colin Cowherd has some words of advice to Baker Mayfield, he hopes that the QB will realize that he should probably play this season in Cleveland, “Egos hurt and those Oklahoma egos are sizeable, they come with a big chip on both shoulders. Baker lose the Oklahoma ego, go to Cleveland, play, and get a second chance,” he said. “Nobody wanted you, Seattle thought about it, Carolina thought about it, and they’re both rebuilding, no good team is at all interested in Baker Mayfield.

No team has vouched for Baker despite having worse options at the starting QB position which really is worrisome and the rumors about Baker’s attitude are not helping either. If his career were to end today, his legacy would likely be “Number one bust.” and nothing more.

“The narrative on Baker, it stinks, I talked to a GM about it, he’s toxic, he’s totally toxic, people don’t even want him in the building as a backup, too much snart, too much ego,” Colin continues. Instead of attempting to change his talents which he cannot at this juncture, Baker should focus on shifting the narrative, it would be in his best interests if “he put his ego aside, head down, and people will say, I always liked that guy.

“Most of the things in Baker’s life he can’t change, the narrative, he can change.” Colin went on to cite the example of the split between Shaquille O Neal and Kobe Bryant. The season after the duo split, Shaq won the NBA chip and Kobe had to witness that, however, later on, Kobe got his turn and won the chip.

It is best that Baker takes any opportunity to play in the league as his position now is bad, he is not wanted as a backup even which is unheard of for a former first pick in the draft.

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