“Feel like a dead end,” Colin Cowherd’s bold prediction of Russell Wilson’s ‘inevitable split’ from Broncos and Sean Payton amid potential golden opportunity

Cowherd gave example of Jared Goff and the Rams in 2019 to highlight his point.

“Feel like a dead end,” Colin Cowherd’s bold prediction of Russell Wilson’s ‘inevitable split’ from Broncos and Sean Payton amid potential golden opportunity

Russell Wilson and Collin Cowherd (Via House of Strauss)

The Denver Broncos had an abysmal start in this season. After six games, they are holding a 1-5 record. After the 5-12 record last season, the team management appointed Sean Payton as the head coach to change the fortunes of the team. However, in reality, Payton failed to change much and openly had a fight with the team’s star quarterback, Russell Wilson, in front of the media. He criticized Wilson’s way of playmaking. 


Keeping an eye on everything, analyst Colin Cowherd, in the recent episode of the show, ‘The Herd,’ said that the Broncos could get rid of the ‘Wilson’ problem and Payton could have a good time. The analyst also said that the team might trade wide receiver Jerry Jeudy

Russell Wilson’s contract kicks in next year and there’s a feeling they’d move off it at the end of this year before they got into the contract. This is not unprecedented. 
Colin Cowherd on ‘The Herd’

Citing the ongoing tussle between Wilson and Payton, the analyst added:

I do know that Sean Payton and Russell Wilson feels like a dead end. Think of how we view Jared Goff now in this league. When he was with the Rams it was like ‘dud in the Super Bowl, very limited, can’t beat the Niners, and highly expensive.’ Look at him now in Detroit – he's held in very high regard. I think Russell Wilson has a spot but this is not it.

Russel Wilson indeed has become a headache for the Broncos team. He failed last year miserably amidst signing the monstrous contract. In addition to this, Wilson is not enjoying a good relationship with his coach. Coupled with the two, it is highly speculated that this is his end as a Broncos player. 


The Rams and Jarred Goff situation that Colin Cowherd mentioned

The Los Angeles Rams loved Jared Goff as their starter. However, they traded him to the Detroit Lions in the year 2019 for Mathew Stafford. It was a blockbuster trade. The trade benefited them as the team went on to have their first Super Bowl victory since 1999-2000. On the other hand, Goff only registered three wins with the Detroit Lions. 

As per media reports, this trade occurred as the Rams did not give Goff the market contract due to emotional reasons. Like Cowherd mentioned, Rams started trading off pieces, had a bad year and had a very good future very, very soon with Stafford.

Jared Goff
Jared Goff (Via Live 5 News)

Recently, Goff opened himself up about the trade.

It was definitely a hard time because I wasn't aware that it could be a possibility and something (the front office) was thinking about -- I wish there would've been some conversations that weren't had. It was confusing and difficult on and off the field.
Goff said during The 33rd Team podcast on Wednesday.

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