Cowboys QB Dak Prescott labels loss against the 49ers as the ‘most humbling game’ he’s ever been part of

Prescott had under 200 yards against the 49ers yesterday.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott labels loss against the 49ers as the ‘most humbling game’ he’s ever been part of

Dak Prescott admits defeat against the 49ers (Image via IMAGO)

Dak Prescott went into the San Francisco 49ers game with confidence but came out with a lopsided defeat and a taped finger. But it was Prescott’s pride that got the biggest damage of all. Not only did he have the worst outing when it comes to passing yards, but his checkered history of throwing picks resurfaced once more.


For the last couple of seasons, it was the same opponents who had the better of the Dallas Cowboys in the postseason, ending their chances of tasting a Super Bowl victory. So this game was important on a personal level for Prescott. However, he definitely didn’t dream of a 42-10 blowout at the hands of the 49ers.

“Didn’t see it coming,” Dak Prescott admitted. “I put everything into this and got punched in the mouth.”

‘Punched in the face’ is an understatement considering they are now 3-2 after 5 games. They were one of the firm favorites to win the NFC. The loss against the Arizona Cardinals may have been a one-off thing, but the 49ers defeat is undeniably a hard pill to swallow.


“Called a couple weeks ago, humbling against Arizona,” the 30-year-old added. “But this may be the most humbling game I’ve ever been a part of.” When the team doesn’t even record a first down until the fifth drive, it’s a clear sign the opponents were on top. It took the Dallas Cowboys halfway through the third quarter to produce a meaningful play. Prescott found KaVontae Turpin on a rainbow pass to secure their only touchdown of the game.

The bad days were capped off by a flurry of interceptions from Dak. Coming into the game, he had only thrown one pick all season but conceded three in this game alone. Before the start of the season, he promised to not throw more than 10.

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Dak Prescott accepted the humbling defeat

It’s one thing to lose a game, but it’s another when the opponent doesn’t show any mercy. Why would they? It’s the Dallas Cowboys vs. the San Francisco 49ers. Even though it’s football, one can easily visualize it as a fight to the death. So anything less than a victory gives the other the power to banter until the next time they meet.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott labels loss against the 49ers as the 'most humbling game' he's ever been part of
Prescott during the offseason (Image via IMAGO)

Prescott is aware of it because of the previous encounters. This meeting was no different, and according to the Cowboys QB1, he went into the game prepared. “Felt good about the preparation; Felt good about everything,” he said. “[But] they beat us in every aspect.” Head coach Mike McCarthy had the same epiphany after the defeat. But he reminded everyone that it’s just one game and it’s still early in the season.

“It’s clearly humbling, but it is one game,” McCarthy said in the postmatch press conference yesterday. “They beat us in all three phases. We will clearly acknowledge it.”

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