Dak Prescott ‘pissed off’ after Cowboys’ humiliating loss to the Cardinals snapping their unbeaten record in the process

In the match vs. the Cardinals, the Cowboys team gave up 28 points and allowed the Arizona team for more than 400 yards.

Dak Prescott ‘pissed off’ after Cowboys’ humiliating loss to the Cardinals snapping their unbeaten record in the process

Dak Prescott (Via Open Source)

After two weeks of sheer dominance in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys tasted their first defeat in the third week against the Arizona Cardinals. It was surprising for the Cowboys fans, as the Cardinals were winless in the first two games. Also, the Dallas defense was too good in the first two games. They did not allow the opponent for more than 386 yards and only gave away 10 yards. However, in the match vs. the Cardinals, the team gave up 28 points and allowed the team for more than 400 yards and that cost a high price for them. 


Dak Prescott, after the game, seemed pissed off with their performance. Dak even seemed to blame the media and later on, he expressed his fury over the result. 

Yeah, I was pissed off, I’m always pissed off after a loss. I don’t know if we can rate my different levels of pissed-off-ness, but yeah, it sucks, it really does,” the quarterback told the media. 

You don’t do anything with the idea of losing or thinking you’re going to lose until that last second,” he said. “It’s not even a reality in your head. Yeah, we’re pissed off,” he further added. 


Prescott made a crucial mistake in the game vs. the Cardinals. One of his throws was intercepted by a Cardinals player and the latter emerged on the winning path. It happened at the last moment of the game. The Cowboys were in the red zone and trying to trim a 12-point difference into six. Prescott threw the ball to the linebacker, but it was intercepted by the Cardinals’ player. The moment brought back the Cowboys fans’ worst memory of giving up at the final moment. 

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Prescott’s old problem of not delivering at the right moment 

There is hardly any doubt that Dak Prescott is one of the most prominent quarterbacks to play in the NFL. There is no doubt about his leadership abilities on the ground. However, Dak suffers from an old disease which is failing to deliver at the right time. He has been criticized vehemently by analysts for this. However, there is hardly any development. 

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott (Via Smiley N. Pool / Staff Photographer)

His interception has remained an age-old problem. Last season, Prescott was intercepted 15 times, even though he didn’t play all of the 2022 regular season. His interceptions at crucial moments cost his team. This season he started as a much better performer and in the first two games he was intercepted not a single time. When everyone thought that this might be a different version of Dak Prescott, he made some crucial mistake against the Cardinals. 


The QB had a slow start in the NFL. It is to be seen when he can come to his true colors. Hopefully, that will come in the Cowboys’ next game against the New England Patriots.

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