WATCH: “We did it!” Mic’d up Damar Hamlin reflects back on his ‘crazy’ journey after playing for the first time since his on-field cardiac arrest

Damar Hamlin, who suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this year returned to the field on Sunday.

WATCH: “We did it!” Mic’d up Damar Hamlin reflects back on his ‘crazy’ journey after playing for the first time since his on-field cardiac arrest

Damar Hamlin having a chat with Tua Tagovailoa (Credits: NFL on X)

Damar Hamlin is back on the field! The Buffalo Bills defensive back Hamlin has gotten back on the playing field for the first time since he suffered cardiac arrest during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this year. Hamlin was mic’d up for his return to the game against the Miami Dolphins in week 4 of the ongoing NFL season.

Hamlin was showered with compliments after he played in his first regular season game in more than 10 months. Hot Mic captured some of the emotional talks he had with his teammates, referees, and opponents during the game. “We did it man. Think about where we was at,” said Hamlin, further recalling his journey from heart surgery to be back playing football,” January, earlier this year in February, in Cincinnati to Buffalo.”


Hamlin also had a conversation with Denny Kellington, who was one of the first responders and saved Hamlin’s life by giving him CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on the field back in January. “Have fun today, brother,” Kellington told Hamlin, who was preparing to get into the field. “Love you, Denny,” Hamlin replied.

After the game, the Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa also had a chat with Damar Hamlin. “How you feeling, babe?” Tagovailoa asked Hamlin before giving him a hug. “You guys keep going, man. We’ll see you guys again … best of luck, stay healthy.”

Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest back in January and spent more than a week in hospitals. He made a quick recovery and was surprisingly cleared by the doctors to play professional football again. Hamlin, who returned to the Bills squad in the off-season, was a healthy inactive through the first three weeks of the 2023 season. On Sunday, he was added to the Bills active roster and played in special teams unit against the Miami-based football team.


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Damar Hamlin was excited about his return to the field

After a near-death experience earlier this year, Damar Hamlin made his season debut on Sunday in the Bills’ week 4 matchup against the Dolphins. Hamlin said that running out of the tunnel meant everything to him.

Damar Hamlin SI Jessica Pegula US Open Bills
Damar Hamlin (Image via SI)

Hamlin said that to be able to do what he loves at the highest level in the world after everything he has been through in the last 10 months is amazing. As expected, Hamlin didn’t play a single defensive snap in the game.


But he is expected to have increased game time and might even get some defensive snaps now that the Bills defensive back Jordan Poyer‘s injury. The Bills secondary has gotten thin since their season opener and Hamlin could be a great asset for them.

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