“When is the smoke gonna go towards him?” Damien Woody SLAMS Josh Allen describing his outing against the Jets as a ‘travesty’

The Buffalo Bills lost against the New York Jets.

“When is the smoke gonna go towards him?” Damien Woody SLAMS Josh Allen describing his outing against the Jets as a ‘travesty’

Damien Woody and Josh Allen (via IMAGO)

The NFL 2023-24 has started with a lot of surprises as some big shots like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals lost their opening encounters. The latest to join in the bandwagon is Josh Allen-led the Buffalo Bills, which was handed over a defeat with a result of 22-16 against the New York Jets. Josh Allen had a disappointing night. 


After the game, sports analyst Damien Woody slammed him from one of his episodes of the popular football podcasting show, ‘Get Up,’ The analyst said that Allen’s outing against the Jets was horrible and almost like a travesty. He criticized the quarterback for not providing much effort in the game against the Bills.

Everyone has been giving Dak Prescott all the smoke this off-season about the turnovers. No one gives Josh Allen smoke. What we saw last night was a travesty and it’s something that Josh Allen has done throughout his whole career is turn the football over. Yes he does make spectacular plays absolutely but what’s the number one job for quarterbacks?” he added. 

He kept on saying, “To take care of football and what we saw last night in that game from Josh Allen not only the turnovers but the reckless abandon of his body. You are the franchise quarterback, you like the franchise quarterback, and the whole organization pins their hopes on you and the way he goes and throws his body around with reckless abandon I am not even talking about you know going to try to get a touchdown. I am talking about mundane type plays where there is no need for you to put yourself in harm’s way.” 


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Josh Allen’s performance against the Jets

Josh Allen
Josh Allen (Image via Buffalo Bills)

Josh Allen had 29-of-41 passing for 236 yards and finished the game with one touchdown. He also finished the game with three interceptions. Three of his deep passes were intercepted by the Jets’ safety Jordan Whitehead. Those three passes had the ability to turn the game for the Bills. However, the efforts went in vain. He was also sacked five times and fumbled once with the ball. In addition to this, he had three second-half turnovers.

However, Allen took all the responsibility for the loss on his shoulders. In the press conference, he said that he was the reason why the Bills were handed over a loss. 

It is to be seen whether Allen makes a comeback. 


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