Dan Orlovsky demands more from Joe Burrow’s Bengals while comparing them to the ‘struggling’ Patriots 

Joe Burrow has not been in his best form this season.

Dan Orlovsky demands more from Joe Burrow’s Bengals while comparing them to the ‘struggling’ Patriots 

Dan Orlovsky and Joe Burrow. (Via Marca/ESPN)

The Cincinnati Bengals had a very poor start to the league but they are slowly coming back in form. The team lost three out of their four games, however, they made a nice comeback after winning two consecutive games. At present, they are holding a 3-3 record. In six matches they have won three and lost another three. 

The Bengals hold some instances of making comebacks from the worst cases. Last year, they were 0-2 down. However, that did not create a roadblock to their playoff journey. They made a fabulous comeback as they won all of their remaining 12 games. But that was a different case, since Joe Burrow, their star QB was in great form.


This season, Burrow is struggling with a lot. Injury has made his journey difficult and the player has not provided his best to lift the team. The NFL spectators and the analysts are waiting to see a Joe Burrow masterclass this year.

In this present context, analyst Dan Orlovsky has something to say. He believes that the upcoming matches will be very crucial to the Cincinnati Bengals’ playoff future. If they showcase stellar performance and win those matches then they have a high chance to make it to the playoffs.

Dan Orlovsky said, “Their [Bengals]season will be determined in the next two weeks. They will play the San Francisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills. If they win those two then they will be in the playoffs. If they do not then they will have a long row to get there.” He further added, “What I need to say is kill more. You have survived the bad part, Joe Burrow. This is the end, this is dying with the calf injury. You have got them three in three. Kill more. This team has offensively less explosive plays than the Patriots. That is not good.”


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Joe Burrow is struggling

Joe Burrow is struggling this season. Back-to-back injuries have made his job difficult. He suffered a major injury during the practice session of the team. The player missed all the preseason games and even training matches. He later came back and re-aggravated his injured calf during the second game. 

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow (via Marca)

He is also lagging if the analysts go by his performance. The QB covered 1,230 yards with seven touchdowns and four interceptions. Only the game against the Arizona Cardinals was an exception where he played like old Joe Burrow.


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