Deebo Samuel’s injury: Is the 49ers WR playing against the Cincinnati Bengals?

Deebo Samuel set to sit on the sidelines for a while.

Deebo Samuel’s injury: Is the 49ers WR playing against the Cincinnati Bengals?

Deebo Samuel sidelined through injury (Image via IMAGO)

Deebo Samuel has been one of the top wide receivers in the NFL since his 2019 draft by the San Francisco 49ers. From 800 receiving and more than 150 rushing yards in his rookie year to a massive 1400-yard campaign in 2021, Samuel’s progress is truly noteworthy. However, Bay Area fans could possibly miss the 27-year-old’s output as he sustained a possible season-ending injury last week.


Head coach Kyle Shanahan revealed that Samuel suffered a hairline fracture in his shoulder. He will miss the next two fixtures, starting with the Monday night clash against the Minnesota Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals the following week.

Deebo's status changed. He took X-rays and MRIs earlier in the week; he didn't have anything. The pain was still there, so we got a CT scan the other day and found a hairline fracture. He'll be out [of the Minnesota] game and the next game.
Shanahan said, as per

The 49ers will be entering their bye week after that, which will allow them to understand his situation better. Afterward, they will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 10.

They are choosing not to put Samuel on injured reserve, which would have forced him to sit out for four weeks.


What caused Deebo Samuel’s injury?

The San Francisco 49ers’ start to the season suggested that they will have a concert outing at the Dawgpound on week 6. Despite losing by a 25-point margin in the previous round against the Ravens, the Cleveland Browns had one of the stingiest defenses in the NFL. However, no one expected them to shut out the runaway leaders.

Deebo Samules injury: Is the 49ers WR playing against the Cincinnati Bengals?
Samuel played college football with South Carolina (Via Imago)

Not only did they lose the game 19-17, but a few key players had to go off due to injury. Runningback Christian McCaffrey, left tackle Trent Williams, and Deebo Samuel are the casualties.

Samuel got hit on the shoulder on their first snap of the day. He stuck around for nine more, but Shanahan eventually took the Pro Bowler off. A few days after the game, he revealed that his shoulder was a bit sore.

It's a little sore. Well, kind of a lot of soreness, actually. I never had a stinger before, so I never knew what it felt like. So it kind of went numb for a little minute.
Samuel claimed on Up and Adams.

Deebo Samuel is one of the cornerstones of the 49ers offense. Both he and McCaffrey will be a massive miss for them. In Samuel’s absence, third-year receiver Juan Jennings is likely to start against the Vikings.


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