“Unacceptable!” Stephen A. Smith dubs Deion Sanders’ Colorado’s horror loss against Stanford ‘an absolute disgrace’

Stephen A. Smith rips into Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes for blowing a 29-0 lead and losing to Stanford.

“Unacceptable!” Stephen A. Smith dubs Deion Sanders’ Colorado’s horror loss against Stanford ‘an absolute disgrace’

(L) Stephen A. Smith and (R) Deion Sanders (Via Open Source/AP)

Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes entered this college football season as the underdogs that none of their opponents were afraid of. However, three games into the season, Colorado had won them all, thus beating their win record from last season, which was just 1 single victory.


It was not until week 4 that Sanders and his team had to face the big dogs of college football, Oregon. The Buffaloes lost badly, 42-6, and the following week the result was the same but this time, while facing USC, Colorado did put up a fight.

The Buffaloes won the game against Arizona State but failed to close the game against Stanford. It was rather shocking as halfway through the game; it seemed pointless to continue playing as Prime and his team were trashing Stanford 29-0.

But in sports, the tables turn quickly and that is exactly what happened. Stanford staged what could go down as the greatest comeback of this season by beating the Buffaloes 46-43. This performance outraged all fans and analysts who were rooting for this team.


Stephen A. Smith of ESPN’s First Take was one of them. He said, “It’s an absolute disgrace. Unacceptable…Colorado came into this game 13-point favorites and got outscored by a 13-point underdog…I believe that Deion Sanders is a coach, he’s a helluva coach. He needs some dawgs as he told us. He’s about 7 or 8 dawgs away but here’s the problem. The players got caught up in the shine their coach generated. “

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Stephen A. also had harsh words for Shedeur Sanders

Smith was referring to Deion Sanders’ son Shedeur Sanders, who is the quarterback for Colorado. The analyst acknowledges the talent and skill that Shedeur has and has no doubts that he will be a superstar in the future but he calls him out for getting caught up in the glamor and fame that has surrounded this Colorado team from the start due to Coach Prime.

Stephen A. goes on to add, “You cannot have something being posted at halftime of a da*n game. Tom Brady and your dad already joked with you about what you were driving around with and how you needed to be in the film room. Well, guess what? It is no longer a laughing matter.”

Shedeur Sanders
Shedeur Sanders (Via Imago)

The analyst is referring to the fact that Shedeur was so overconfident about his team winning the game at halftime that he ended up posting on his social media. That move would have been great if Colorado had won, but they didn’t.

Deion Sanders and Shedeur appeared on Tom Brady‘s Let’s Go podcast, wherein Coach Prime revealed that his son was driving around in a Rolls Royce. Tom’s immediate response to Shedeur was that he needed to stay in the film room and work on his game. The former QB said it in a casual manner, but he did mean it.

Stephen A. goes on to remind Shedeur and the rest of the Buffaloes’ squad that just because they have Deion Sanders as their Head Coach, it does not make them as good as he was.

“Your daddy, and to the players on that squad. Your coach, as much bravado as he had, as much swag as he had, he was the best on the planet. Week in and week out, you knew primetime Deion Sanders was the best probably ever. Y’all ain’t on that level. Stop acting like it and show up on that damn field and do what you’re supposed to do. Somebody got to say it.”


Deion Sanders reacted to Stephen A. Smith’s post and took the criticism like a true professional. Coach Prime just tweeted, “He’s right, now let’s move on.”

This game against Stanford gave Colorado a rough reality check, and the team needs to regroup and bounce back next week.

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