Derrick Henry, who’ll play for the Ravens next season, admits signing with the Cowboys would’ve been the ‘perfect situation’

Derrick Henry recently signed a two-year, $16 million contract with the Ravens.

Derrick Henry, who’ll play for the Ravens next season, admits signing with the Cowboys would’ve been the ‘perfect situation’

Derrick Henry (via IMAGO)

The trade of Derrick Henry continues to amaze a lot of associates in the NFL. After the league’s one of the finest running backs announced his departure from the Tennessee Titans, it was expected that the Dallas Cowboys would go for him. The stage was also set as Tony Pollard, the Cowboys’ running back announced his departure from the team.

However, the Cowboys did not go for Henry. He revealed that the Dallas Cowboys did not give a call to him. As a result, the RB ended up landing in the Baltimore Ravens.

Derrick Henry has not gotten over the situation yet. He still believes that the Cowboys would have been a perfect landing spot for him. However, that perfect situation never happened.

In conversation with the Pivot, the RB noted:

They ain't holla at me at all. It would've been crazy. I thought it'd been some type of reach out, some type of talks or whatever. They never reached out, you know what I'm saying? I don't really know too much about their organization. All I know is what I hear. I was talking to my agent. They weren't really interested. It is what it is. Like I said earlier, I'm gonna be where I'm gonna be, and I feel like Baltimore was the perfect spot.
Derrick Henry spoke about potentially having joined the Cowboys

The Baltimore Ravens were the favorites to win the Super Bowl last season. They won the most number of games in the regular season and even achieved the No.1 Seed Spot in the AFC, and eventually managed to reach the AFC Championship Game. However, their venture came to an end after losing against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Derrick Henry hailed the Baltimore Ravens for their history

Despite claiming that ending up in the Cowboys would have been perfect, Derrick Henry stated that he wanted to be a part of the Baltimore Ravens squad. The history of the Ravens has always amazed him and being a part of it would create tons of opportunities, believed Henry.

I knew once free agency started that I wanted to work something out [with the Ravens] if we could. Even though I'm living in Dallas and Dallas being a perfect situation, as well, because we lived there, we ain't got to move. But at the same time, Ravens, the history of it, and then talking to Ray (Lewis) at the Pro Bowl, his passion about the organization, his impact there and how he talked about it. I was like, man, if I'm not in Tennessee or I don't get to go to Dallas, I'd love to be a Raven. 
Derrick Henry added
Derrick Henry
Derrick Henry (Via Imago)

For the Cowboys, Henry’s age was a cause for concern. The RB is 30 and the team considered him ‘old.’ This was one of the reasons for the team not to push themselves up for the deal. However, Henry’s performance on the gridiron did not reflect any sign of his age being a detrimental factor.

It is to be seen, how the RB performs in the coming time in the Ravens colors. The Baltimore fans will have high expectations from him.

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