Dez Bryant calls out ‘unnecessary criticism’ of Jalen Hurts amid reports of Eagles having ‘serious concerns’ regarding the QB following 3-consecutive losses

Bryant doesn't believe that Hurts is alone the problem of Eagles recent struggles.

Dez Bryant calls out ‘unnecessary criticism’ of Jalen Hurts amid reports of Eagles having ‘serious concerns’ regarding the QB following 3-consecutive losses

Jalen Hurts and Dez Bryant (Image via Sky Sports)

Retired player Dez Bryant is someone who will sit in the first row of any Philadelphia Eagles disaster. But he also scratched his head as to why the Philadelphia media is suddenly turning on their quarterback Jalen Hurts.


This is what Bryant had to say about the Hurts situation:

I don’t support the eagles at all but I do support the athletes This is insane! Unnecessary criticism and who do yall expect the eagles to be It’s way more QBs not playing as good as him
Dez Bryant via X

Hurts performed as one of the best quarterbacks, leading the team from the front. But he has slowed down in the production area in the last couple of games, which they have lost. In fact, they are winless in the last three.

Hurts wasn’t bad, but the 9ers ran out 42-19 winners. It continued in the next game against the Dallas Cowboys, which Bryant, being an #88 club member, enjoyed very much. However, questions were raised when, despite the 5-point odd advantage, the Eagles lost 20-17 against the Seattle Seahawks with a quarterback who was starting for the first time in two years.


In that three-match span, Jalen Hurts has thrown a combined total of 638 yards and one touchdown, while he’s been sacked four times and given up two interceptions.

Is Jalen Hurts’ time in Philadelphia numbered?

It is a massive problem for the Eagles that they are going through a slump right at the end of the season. These are the games they should be winning to build confidence. Yes, post-season football is different compared to the regular season, but players will be in a better state of mind if they are winning.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (Image via Sky Sports)

On top of that, they are the 2022 Super Bowl team and would want to go one better. If they keep slipping up, then the tag of pretenders will well and truly be on them. But to turn the situation around, they need to have the commitment and the mentality that they showed early on in the season.

What’s surprising is that there’s even talk of moving away from Jalen Hurts. That same quarterback handed them ten wins. It is a bit absurd to think that. He signed a massive $255 million contract just before the season started.


They can’t get rid of him. He still has opportunities to redeem himself in favorable matchups. Philadelphia’s last three games are against conference rivals, the New York Giants (5-9), whom they will face twice. And the other game will be to welcome the Arizona Cardinals (3-11) to Lincoln Financial Field.

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