“There’s a lack of trust in the team”: Doug Pederson reveals his strategy to uplift the Jaguars after the Urban Meyer debacle

Here's what Jaguars' new head coach Doug Pederson had to say about his strategy to get the team out of it's misery

Doug Pederson and Urban Meyer

When Urban Meyer stepped into the NFL, a lot of people were skeptical about how he’ll perform. Not to anyone’s surprise, he was fired by the Jaguars soon as he got himself involved in a number of controversies during his stint.

Meyer was the Jaguars’ head coach for 13 games and his team had a record of 2-11 by the time he was done with them. A while back, Urban Meyer was seen at a bar dancing with a woman who wasn’t his wife. After that, reports of Meyer kicking Josh Lambo surfaced. After that, a report by ‘The Athletic’ showed just how bad Urban Meyer was and how toxic the environment in Jacksonville truly was and after that, Meyer claimed he had no idea who Aaron Donald was.

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“It’s about gaining the trust back”: Doug Pederson on his approach to uplift the Jaguars

Doug Pederson
Doug Pederson

After all this, it was evident that the franchise will ask him to pack his bags and leave which is exactly what transpired. Now, the Jaguars are looking to change the perception of the franchise. They have roped in Doug Pederson as the new coach of the unit who recently reflected on how things can get better within the squad after the disastrous season and the Urban Meyer debacle.

I do believe there has to be some kind of healing with the situation and everything that transpired last year because it’s just there’s a lack of trust that was broken, I think,” Pederson said in a news conference as reported by NFL.com.

For me, it’s about gaining the trust back and they have to see it through me. They have to see the transparency, the honesty. I’ve always said I’m going to be open with them and I want them to be open with me,” he claimed, adding that his focus is to create a good atmosphere within the team by encouraging open communication.

Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer

It just comes down to communication and having an open line of communication. We’ve been able to have some conversations that way in team settings and I think the guys have really embraced it and are doing well,” he stated. It will be interesting to see if Pederson can become the main catalyst in bringing some much-needed changes to his team.

Former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Pederson won a Super Bowl for the Green Bay Packers as a player back in 1997. His experience will come in handy for the Jaguars.

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