“Tannehill is my guy but…,” Eagles WR AJ Brown has an HONEST admission about the difference between playing with Ryan Tannehill and Jalen Hurts

The Eagles acquired WR AJ Brown via trade with the Titans during 2022 Draft Day

“Tannehill is my guy but…,” Eagles WR AJ Brown has an HONEST admission about the difference between playing with Ryan Tannehill and Jalen Hurts

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The Philadelphia Eagles made a blockbuster trade to acquire the Pro Bowl wide receiver AJ Brown from the Titans during the 2022 NFL Draft day. The Titans got a 2022 first-round pack in exchange for Brown, which they used to draft the Arkansas WR Treylon Burks. And now, after a full season, AJ Brown has revealed the difference between playing with Ryan Tannehill and Jalen Hurts.

The 25-year-old wide receiver AJ Brown made a recent appearance on the Raw Room podcast where he discussed the Titans QB Ryan Tannehill and his current quarterback Jalen Hurts. “Me and Tannehill was like intact man, but the friendship between me and Jalen is just on a whole other level. Tannehill is my guy, but Jalen is my best friend,” Brown said in a recent episode of the Raw Room podcast.


Furthermore, the 2-time Pro Bowler also went on to claim that he can improvise plays during the huddle with Hurts but he can’t do the same with his Titans quarterback Tannehill. “So like, I could easily just say [to Jalen] like, ‘double-move it, pump it, pump it’ boom, it go like that,” Brown shared. “In Tennessee, it wasn’t going like that, you gotta call a play.”

It’s natural that a 25-year-old receiver will have a better friendship with a 24-year-old QB than a 34-year-old. So, Brown’s good relationship with his QB Hurts will certainly reflect in their on-field performance.

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The Eagles look to repeat their success with the Jalen Hurts-AJ Brown connection

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Star wide receiver AJ Brown just finished a career year with the Eagles as he managed to catch career-high 88 passes for 1496 yards and 11 touchdowns, which eventually led him to receive his second Pro Bowl nod. He was also named to the second-time All-Pro team for the first time in his 4 years long career.

The 6-1′ wide receiver went off while playing with his best friend and Pro Bowl QB Jalen Hurts while helping the Eagles all the way to the Super Bowl where they lost to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, with an MVP-calibre quarterback and a couple of star wide receivers, the Eagles are just getting started. They also have good cap space and high draft capital, so they’re only going to get better.


There are not a lot of NFC teams right now that can compete with the powerhouse Eagles, except maybe for the San Francisco 49ers. And once this draft season is over, they will be a stronger squad than they are now and will certainly make a run for the Super Bowl again.

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