“Should have paid that punter instead”: Eli Manning HUMILIATES Russell Wilson over his bloated contract with the Denver Broncos

Eli Manning destroys the Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson over his underwhelming performance this season.

Russell Wilson and Eli Manning
Russell Wilson and Eli Manning. USA TODAY/ UPI Photo

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos are doing everything but winning. The team may have a record of 2-1 but in the games that they have won, the team barely scraped past its opponents. The Broncos have been disappointing so far considering there is no shortage of talent and experience on their roster. The offense has been a disaster as Wilson has just not been able to connect with his young and talented wideouts. In the most recent game against the San Francisco 49ers, the team was able to win by just one point.

It came as no surprise that Russell Wilson’s underwhelming performance ticked a lot of people off, one of them is Eli Manning. The former New York Giants quarterback who hosts the “Manning-cast” along with his brother Peyton roasted the Denver Broncos quarterback following his performances in the first 3 games of the season, however, the best part was Eli made the joke when Russell Wilson and the Broncos were not even playing, it was the Cowboys Vs Giants game!

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The Denver Broncos punter had a total of 476 yards in the team’s latest game:

Russell Wilson and Eli Manning
Russell Wilson and Eli Manning. USA TODAY/ MediaPunch

Pat McAfee was on the Manning cast and they were all talking about punting, it was not surprising that the topic of the Denver Broncos came up. In the game against the 49ers, the punter for Denver, Corliss Waitman seemed to have done more work than the team’s offense. He punted the ball 10 times and had a total of 476 yards in the process.

Russell Wilson did not have a touchdown in the game and just threw the ball for 184 yards and completed 20 of 33 passes. Eli Manning said this about Wilson, “They should have paid that punter $235 million instead of Russell,” this comment led everyone including Pat McAfee to burst into laughter as Eli did not hold back.

Eli may have had the numbers a bit mixed up as Wilson is set to make $245 million in the next 5 years or did he decide to spare the struggling quarterback from further embarrassment by letting him off the hook for $10 million? In light of this contract, the team’s offensive performance has everyone concerned, the team was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender and they are struggling to win games against teams that are short-handed in comparison to them.

Corliss Waitman may get a bonus this season as he is set to make $825,000 this year but he seems to be the one who is getting out there on the field the most. Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett has not been able to put the pieces together so far, the news of him hiring an assistant to help him make clutch decisions is also extremely alarming. His decision to opt for a 64-yard field goal rather than letting Russell close out the game on a fourth and 5 situation in the last minute of the game seemed to indicate he does not have much trust in his quarterback.

Eli Manning may have made the comments in jest but he is right in a way, following the disappointing season opener against Seattle that the team lost, the Broncos have struggled offensively. Russell Wilson has not looked anything like his old self in Seattle and fans in Denver are doing anything but chanting ‘Let’s Ride. Hopefully, the team is able to figure it out and get it together.

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