Emmanuel Acho breaks down why Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is currently the MVP favorite

Prescott had an epic 272-yard performance against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday.

Emmanuel Acho breaks down why Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is currently the MVP favorite

Dak Prescott and Emmanuel Acho (Via Imago)

After the mammoth performance against the Philadelphia Eagles, Dak Prescott is receiving a lot of appreciation from NFL analysts. The latest to join the bandwagon is Emmanuel Acho. The former footballer and the present-day analyst considered Prescott as his favorite to win this year’s MVP award.


For the last eight games, Prescott has been at his absolute best. After the blowout loss against the 49ers where he had a three-interceptions game, Prescott is on the redemption road. It was the last game for him where he had more than one interception.

After the 49ers game, Prescott was intercepted only two times in eight games and has added 25 touchdowns. In 13 games, Prescott has also covered 3,505 passing yards.

Yeah, Dak is MVP right now. He is MVP right now. It is simple for me, Dak's row to MVP was just weigh. 
Acho via FS1’s SPEAK

What is interesting in the whole debate is Prescott’s interception numbers. Last season, he was the league leader with 15 interceptions. Ahead of the season, he announced that he would not be intercepted more than ten times this season. And he is on the verge of doing that. To date, Prescott has been intercepted six times in the 2023 NFL season. He was intercepted only once in the last four games.


Despite having one of the best individual stats, Prescott has always been criticized for not providing when it was needed the most. The criticism stood for this season as well. Prescott had one of the worst performances in his life against the San Francisco 49ers. Nonetheless, he is slowly writing things off after the stellar performance against the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Acho lists out why Dak Prescott is the current favorite to win the MVP

In the discussion on SPEAK, Emmanuel Acho emphasized Prescott’s performance against the big teams this season. He earlier said that Prescott’s name would hit the argument for the MVP if he would manage to beat the Seahawks and the Eagles. Prescott did exactly that and the former did not hesitate to give all his flowers to the Cowboys quarterback.

Right before the Seattle Seahawks game, I was talking about Dak's role to MVP. Beat the Seahawks, he will be MVP. Beat the Eagles, he will be MVP. Beat the Bills, beat the Dolphins, just win. Jalen Hurts was the frontrunner for MVP on 11/29. Outside of that it was Tyreek Hill, Tua Tagovailoa was seated at third. You get to play Tua, you get to play the Eagles, you get to play the Bills. And I am saying get to and not have to because it is an opportunity for Dak to show out. 
Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott (Via Imago)

For the first time in eight years, Prescott’s name has popped up in the MVP discussion. However, the QB earlier clarified that he wants to win the Super Bowl first. Becoming the MVP is a second choice for him.

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