Ex-Chiefs OL Frank Clark believes the Broncos vs Chiefs matchup isn’t competitive enough to be a called a ‘rivalry’

Clark believes the Broncos have lot to achieve before calling themselves rivals of the Chiefs

Ex-Chiefs OL Frank Clark believes the Broncos vs Chiefs matchup isn’t competitive enough to be a called a ‘rivalry’

Denver Broncos OLB Frank Clark says it's too early to call his current team and former team rivals (Image credit: Denver Broncos)

After a four-year stay as a Kansas City Chiefs player, Frank Clark decided to join the Denver Broncos this offseason. While the outside linebacker is determined to make his team contenders, he is not ready to acknowledge the Chiefs and Broncos as rivals just yet.

During his tenure with the Chiefs, Clark was part of a 15-game winning streak against the Broncos dating back to 2015. Not to rub salt in the Denver fans’ wounds, he also actively contributed to eight of those losses. Naturally, he has had firsthand experience with both teams’ animosity toward each other.


“I wouldn’t call it a rivalry,” on Saturday, Clark spoke with the media after his fourth day of preseason practice. “In a rivalry, it’s competitive. I’ve been on the other side, and we didn’t call it a rivalry then.”

The Denver Broncos are far behind in the pecking order after a few dismal campaigns that saw them finish last in the AFC West in three consecutive seasons. Moreover, they have failed to qualify for the playoffs since they won the Super Bowl in 2015. Clark is aware of the horrible statistic and is keen on making an improvement this year.

“We have to win our division. We have to do a few things; it’s not just about the Chiefs,” the 30-year-old said. That is a tall order, but Clark has faith in his team to do better than the previous couple of seasons.


Clark ‘the Shark, recorded five sacks and 39 tackles with the Chiefs in 2022. He earned three Pro Bowl titles (2019–2021) and two Super Bowls in his four years. He was let go in March after negotiations for an extension broke down.

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Frank Clark believes the Denver Broncos have all the necessary tools to succeed in the NFL

Ex-Chiefs OL Frank Clark believes the Bengals vs Chiefs matchup isn’t competitive enough to be a called a ‘rivalry’ Denver Broncos Chiefs
(#3) Russell Wilson and (#55) Frank Clark after their practice (Image credit: Ben Swanson/ Denver Broncos)

By now, everyone is aware of the spat between former and current Broncos head coaches. Sean Payton, who took over from Nathaniel Hackett this offseason, spoke harshly about his predecessor. He blamed Hackett for one of the worst seasons of any franchise.

Despite the recent controversy, OLB Frank Clark is choosing to ignore it. He believes that it’s better to eliminate distractions. As a matter of fact, the Michigan State graduate is keeping his faith in his new boss.

“Sean Payton is a hell of a coach who believes in his players,” Clark said, according to the franchise’s website. “He believes in his quarterback, Russell Wilson.” When asked what a Super Bowl fan desires from his football life, he claimed to have finished his job at Kansas, and now it was time to focus on the Broncos.


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