WATCH: Huge fight breaks out in the Chiefs-Bengals game days after Ja’Marr Chase called out Kansas City’s defense

On Sunday, the Chiefs went against the Bengals in their week 17 matchup.

WATCH: Huge fight breaks out in the Chiefs-Bengals game days after Ja’Marr Chase called out Kansas City’s defense

Huge fight broke out between the Chiefs and the Bengals (Images via X)

On Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals, led by backup quarterback Jake Browning, went against the Kansas City Chiefs in their week 17 matchup. Tensions were high during the crucial rivalry game and at one stage, a huge fight broke between both teams just days after Ja’Marr Chase called out Kansas City’s defensive unit.

During the second quarter of the game, the Bengals’ offense was on the field and were trying to extend their 3-point lead. After a second-down play, the Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase got into a fight with multiple Kansas City players including defensive back L’Jarius Sneed.

Things quickly turned ugly as both teams swarmed into the middle and got into a huge fight. Officials and some players on both teams were trying to break out the fight. The Bengals offensive lineman Cordell Volson smartly got into the middle of the brawl and carried Chase away from the fight. Check out the footage of the incident attached below.

Eventually, the officials were able to get things under control and started the game again. This ugly incident might’ve resulted from Chase’s trash-talking ahead of the game. Just a few days ahead of the game, a reporter asked Chase about the Chiefs’ defense.

While answering the question, the Bengals pass catcher decided to take shots at the Chiefs defensive unit by saying that he is not worried about them since they don’t have a stand-out player like Jalen Ramsey. Quickly after his answer, Chase acknowledged that his comments might be perceived as shots, but he didn’t care about it. Well, it seemed like the Chiefs defensive backs certainly took offense to Chase’s comments and it showed on Sunday.

Chris Jones fires shots at Ja’Marr Chase following the Chiefs victory

On Sunday, the Chiefs managed to secure a crucial victory against the Bengals. As a result, they ended up winning the AFC West division title for the 8th consecutive time.

Ja'Marr Chase Getty Images
Ja’Marr Chase (Via Open Source/X)

Furthermore, following their victory, the Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones sent shots at the Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who was involved in trash talks ahead of the game.

They counted us out. Told us we were done for. Another AFC West championship in the books. To be continued. ... And Ja’Marr Chase, errrr, try again.
Jones said in a video posted on X

Nonetheless, despite their struggles in the ongoing season, the Chiefs managed to clinch the AFC West division and booked their spot in the upcoming postseason. Next, they can rest their starters in their week 18 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, since a win or loss in that game wouldn’t make any difference.

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