“He’s UNBELIEVABLE”: Jacoby Brissett is thanking his lucky stars that the Cleveland Browns traded for Amari Cooper

Cleveland Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett shares his thoughts on Amari Cooper.

Jacoby Brissett and Amari Coop
Jacoby Brissett and Amari Cooper

The Cleveland Browns have had nothing short of an entertaining offseason, you could make a whole soap opera based on the team’s summer as they may have been short of many things but the drama was clearly not one of them. Ranging from the uncertainty surrounding Deshaun Watson’s availability to the numerous offseason hurdles the team has faced, they finally know one thing for a fact. Jacoby Brissett will be the man for 11 games.

Brissett is not a starting quarterback, let’s not fool ourselves but with the roster that he is surrounded with, Cleveland Browns may actually stand a chance to make it out of this season. The biggest move Cleveland made was Deshaun Watson this offseason but there is another secret weapon the team got its hands on that we are not talking much about. Amari Cooper, the former Dallas Cowboy is an excellent route runner and athlete who brings a lot to the table.

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Amari Cooper may have saved Jacoby Brissett from being kicked out of the NFL:

Jacoby Brissett and Amari Cooper
Amari and Jacoby

With Watson being out of action, things have fallen upon backup Jacoby Brissett to fill the void, the quarterback who would have normally never have had a shot to be in the position that he is now is designated to lead the Browns to a level of stability. The quarterback seemed to be grateful that he had Amari Cooper on his team which was rather surprising.

“I’m glad they did it. He’s unbelievable, he is one of the smartest, hardest-working players I’ve ever worked with, comes out here every week, every day working hard, putting in the work and it’s a pleasure to play with him. I know he wants to continue to keep this going.” The quarterback gives us one of the most generic answers similar to his game.

Say what you will, the duo connected for 101 yards with 2 touchdowns which led the Browns to a win. The Dallas Cowboys clearly made a rather ridiculous decision by trading Cooper but in all honesty, Amari is making Jerry Jones look like the worst general manager in all of sports, just as we anticipated.

Cooper has had a slow start but if he is able to build such a connection with Brissett then imagine what he can do with Deshaun Waston ultimately. Cooper has had 219 yards in back-to-back games and head coach Kevin Stefanski has nothing but appreciation for his wideout. “I’m trying to find new ways to tell you, guys, how impressed I am with No.2. He’s smart, a great teammate runs every route imaginable. He’s versatile, he is such a big, physical receiver, and he’s trustworthy. I enjoy No.2.

Brissett may have found his groove but the Browns have now had much luck in winning. However, HC Kevin Stefanski is proud of what his squad has achieved. “I’m just proud of them, because that is not an easy thing to bounce back from. I’m proud of those guts is you cannot let a loss linger and we will not linger this win either. I am proud of how they responded. You have to be resilient.”

The Browns get a week off before facing Atlanta in week 4 but let us all be honest, the falcons are trash so the team will have a break to recamp and reinvent themselves. For Jacoby Brissett this hiatus shows the team’s resilence. Brissett is attempting to make sure he is the team’s quarterback but we all know, he is just here to fill a role, once Watson comes back, none of us will remember who Brissett was. In his 60 minutes of fame, the quarterback is trying his best to stay prepared and he does deserve points for trying.

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