Jets HC Robert Saleh once again comes in Zach Wilson’s defense despite his ‘horror’ show against the Chargers

Despite being poor on the turf, Wilson has enjoyed the backing of his head coach for long.

Jets HC Robert Saleh once again comes in Zach Wilson’s defense despite his ‘horror’ show against the Chargers

Robert Saleh and Zach Wilson (Via Imago/AP)

After a good spell in consecutive three matches, the New York Jets are back to square one. They had an abysmal outing against the Los Angeles Chargers in week 9. And the media once again found their prime target. The backup quarterback, Zach Wilson.


Wilson had a non-impacting game against the Chargers, as he did not have a single touchdown in the game. The QB, though, covered 263 yards of passing. However, he had nearly zero impact on the game and was sacked a staggering 8 times. 

On Tuesday, the media asked head coach Robert Saleh whether he would bench Wilson in the coming games. In his trademark style, Saleh said that he had no intention to leave Wilson on the bench. Saleh also added that the team would not change the structure of the team despite having a poor loss against the LAC. 

It would be one thing if it was just him. It is the easy thing to do, him and the play caller are the two most visible things so when things aren’t good it’s easy to blame them. It’s easy to blame the people who are most visible to the camera--If it was just him, that would be worth discussing but this is a collective issue.

This is not the first time Saleh expressed his faith in Wilson. Since the beginning of the season, the HC raised his faith in the quarterback. There was a time when the Jets were losing back-to-back games earlier this season.


They went 1-3 in the first four games and the press targeted none other than Zach Wilson. They asked Saleh several times whether he would bench Wilson, but Wilson continuously enjoyed the support of the HC.

The Jets are unable to find a suitable replacement for Aaron Rodgers 

Aaron Rodgers, who jumped onto the boats of the Jets after 18 years of association with the Green Bay Packers, was ruled out in the very first snap due to an Achilles Tendon injury. As things stand right now, Rodgers’ return to the field in the coming time is highly unlikely.

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson (KSL Sports)

With Rodgers injured, the Jets went back to Zach Wilson. However, the latter failed to become dependable as he lagged consistency. The QB performed well in some games, but overall he did not have an impactful performance. The QB has covered only 1,600 yards with just five touchdowns. His interception numbers are the same as his TD numbers. 

However, despite the poor performance, Wilson has enjoyed the backing of his coach Saleh. And it seems the 24-year-old will enjoy that in the coming time. 


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