Jets set to trade Zach Wilson this off season despite making him the starter this week

Wilson is set to make his return against the Houston Texans on Sunday night.

Jets set to trade Zach Wilson this off season despite making him the starter this week

Zach Wilson (Image via IMAGO)

Could Zach Wilson‘s time at the New York Jets be coming to an end? The recent implications point toward that end. The 24-year-old is poised to make his return after missing out on a couple of games.


Wilson was benched in favor of Tim Boyle. However, back-to-back losses against the Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons saw his time in the Big Apple cut short. That’s part of the reason for his departure.

After the Falcons’ loss, there were rumors that head coach Robert Saleh wanted to reinstate Wilson to the starting quarterback role. However, he allegedly refused to come back, claiming he was not interested anymore. Then, a few days later, Boyle got the chop, which led many to speculate that he was the snitch behind all the chaos.

Let’s be clear. If he was reluctant to play, guys, he wouldn’t be here. The young man wants the ball; he wants to start; he believes he’s the best quarterback in the room, the best quarterback for this team, and the guy who gives us the best chance to win.
Saleh on Wilson’s reluctant rumors

Just another Jets quarterback to see the door, and according to, Zach Wilson could well follow him at the end of the season. While Coach Saleh hasn’t publicly made any announcements, he had one-on-one talks with the BYU product concerning his future. He could see himself traded at the end of the season.


Zach Wilson’s time with the New York Jets

The New York Jets selected Zach Wilson as the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Since then, he has been fighting an uphill battle like his predecessors. Not a single Jets quarterback since Joe Namath has been able to bring the Super Bowl back to the green side of New York.

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Reaching the championship game is still a fleeting thought; they haven’t even played post-season football for almost a decade. Wilson was supposed to be the answer they were hoping for, but his season ended with a 3-10 record, with 11 picks compared to 9 touchdowns.

His second season saw minor improvement after being benched for veteran Mike White. It ended with a 5-4 record, but he had still thrown more interceptions than TDs (7-6). But Wilson was still their future quarterback, and to ease the transition, the Jets decided to sign his idol, Aaron Rodgers, in the 2023 offseason.

The idea behind bringing the Super Bowl winner was for Wilson to sit behind him, learn for a season or two, and then take over. However, the 39-year-old tore his Achilles on opening day, and that vision was thrown out of the window. Now, after 12 games, they sit with a 4-8 record and are almost out of the playoff picture once again.


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