“Jimmy Garoppolo was allowing that team to win,” Ryan Clark heaps praise on QB for his role in 49ers’ success

Check out what Ryan Clark had to say on Jimmy Garoppolo's situation at the San Francisco 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Clark
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The Jimmy Garoppolo saga at the San Francisco 49ers had started right after the end of the last season when they failed to get past the NFL championship rounds. The quarterback was widely criticised for his poor performance in the playoffs, something which has become a trend of sorts over the years.

The 49ers were inclined on trading him in the offseason, but that has yet to materialise after the 30-year-old underwent shoulder surgery and no NFL franchise wanted to bet on him, and that has led to no bids coming in. However, former NFL player turned pundit, Ryan Clark believes that Garoppolo is still the man to lead the 49ers.

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Ryan Clark rates Jimmy Garoppolo higher than Baker Mayfield

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo

Ryan Clark said while speaking on ESPN’s NFL Live show, “I think when you look at Jimmy Garoppolo and some of the stability that he was able to bring to San Francisco, it cannot be understated or underrated. Think about who that team is with Jimmy Garoppolo as the quarterback and when they aren’t.”

Ryan Clark also compared Garoppolo with Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield, another quarterback who seems to be on his way out of the franchise, but no deal has been struck through. Clark rated the 49ers man higher than Mayfield.

Clark continued, “So it says, it’s not a situation where you can just plug anybody into San Francisco and they win. That was Jimmy Garoppolo allowing that team to win in whatever way that he was able to do it and so I think, I rather would take that stability, that consistency of Jimmy G over the inconsistency of Baker Mayfield and some of the highs and lows you’ll have to deal with as a personality and as a person as well.”

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