JJ Watt calls out Trevon Diggs about his take on Sacks

DE JJ Watt and CB Trevon Diggs went at one another expressing their opinions on who's position is easier to play

Defensive Players are largely underrated in comparison to Offensive players. It does seem reasonable as who doesn’t like to see their favorite QB throw the ball to receivers who catch the ball mid-air and run some amazing routes while scoring TDs. After all in football, touchdowns get you the most points and win games.

It is common to see offensive and defensive players go at one another arguing about whose role is more important, Tom Brady on Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli Manning compared defensive players to dogs chasing a bone. Today, however, we have something rather different.

“Doing both in the same game is incredibly tough”: JJ Watt on Trevon Diggs’ Tweet

Trevon Diggs
Trevon Diggs

Pro Bowler and star defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, JJ Watt is one of the most reputed DEs in the league, he has made some amazing plays that have won his former team, the Texans many games. On the other hand, we have Trevon Diggs, the upcoming corner for the Dallas Cowboys who had a stellar season this year landing nearly 11 interceptions which turned everyone’s eyes on him.

The two defensive players shared their takes on if it was easier to get interceptions than sacks. It all began with a tweet from Diggs who believes that it is much easier to get Sacks than interceptions. It may appear to be a ridiculous take but maybe there is some merit to it. As a corner, you have to focus on the route that the receiver is running, and whilst covering him, you have to also anticipate where the ball is likely to land.

However, JJ Watt responded by stating that Diggs statement is statistically and factually correct. In addition to this, Watt also added that getting an interception and a sack in the same game is twice as hard. The hardest of all would be to add a touchdown to this equation.

Being a corner in the league is no joke, especially when you are guarding the likes of Tyreek Hill, the man is not nicknamed Cheetah for no reason. By the time you flinch, he is likely to have caught the ball and headed towards the endzone.

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Trevon Diggs and JJ Watt

However, it does not mean that getting sacks are easier, you have to tackle a bunch of heavy 300-pound linemen and get around them in order to even have a shot at getting to the quarterback. Not everyone is Aaron Donald, who can run through a wall or two to three linemen and still manage to hit the QB.

The average DE also requires nearly the same amount of awareness as a corner, if not more. A DE has to figure the entire play out, he has to know if the ball is going to be thrown or if it is going to be run. In addition to that, offenses also find a way to fake plays which the DEs need to be aware of.

Of course, the cherry on top for any player irrespective of position is securing a touchdown. For a corner or a DE, intercepting the ball and running towards your endzone or fumbling the ball and securing a touchdown are the two best things every defensive player works towards doing.

It is fair to say that all the players and all positions in the game of football play an important role, comparing the role of defensive players to that of other players would be similar to comparing Apples and Oranges!

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