“Guy for the future!” JJ Watt mightily impressed with ‘smart business’ move of Steelers for Justin Fields alongside Russell Wilson

JJ Watt also highlighted Patrick Queen's signing.

“Guy for the future!” JJ Watt mightily impressed with ‘smart business’ move of Steelers for Justin Fields alongside Russell Wilson

JJ Watt lauds Russell Wilson and Justin Fields joining the Steelers camp (Via Imago)

The Pittsburgh Steelers have amazed everyone with the signing of the former Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. It was a surprising move from the Steelers’ end, as all trends were speculating that Kenny Pickett would be their quarterback for the coming season. To add to the team’s depth, the Steelers also were able to bag Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears.

Though this move attracted some criticism from different sections of people, JJ Watt, the former DE player, and the present-day NFL analyst, hailed the move. He not only praised the Steelers for signing the two quarterbacks but also said that the team had done a brilliant job in the offseason. Watt gave his flowers to the team’s manager Omar Khan.

You might have found a guy for the future (about Fields)--I think it's smart business what they're doing, especially in a league where it's tough to find a quarterback and it's the most important position.
Watt said in a one-on-one interview with CBS Sports

He further highlighted what mindset the organization might have had during these offseason moves.

Basically, what they're saying to their fan base is, 'We're going all in to try and win. We want to win a Super Bowl. That's what we do here.' I think they've seen the narratives about no losing seasons but not making it past that first round of the playoffs. They're signifying to their fans, 'alright, we're going to go ahead and do it.' 
Watt further noted

In the NFL offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers did not have a great start. General manager Omar Khan was severely criticized for putting his bets on Kenny Pickett despite the player’s failure to give them the needed momentum in past seasons. However, things changed as the free agency and trade period moved ahead. The team provided a surprise to everyone by signing Russell Wilson and Justin Fields in a short period.

Patrick Queen’s signing by Steelers also lauded by JJ Watt

Apart from the blockbuster of the two QBs, the Steelers have also made moves to strengthen the defense. They decided to sign linebacker Patrick Queen. The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker had a major role in the great defensive performance that the Ravens had. In the 2023 season, the LB made 133 total tackles with 84 solos and 49 combined. In addition, he had 3.5 sacks as well.

With the latest inclusion, the Steelers’ defense will be more solid than it was. Despite not making it to the playoffs, the Steelers had a winning season, and the defense had a role in it. Now, Queen can take that defense to a new high.

Patrick Queen
Patrick Queen (Via Imago)

This signing wasn’t missed by JJ Watt though. Among all the signings, he found that one the most interesting.

Bringing in Queen at linebacker, I think that was a really underrated signing that people aren’t talking about as much–I think that’s huge for their defense. You put those playmakers at every level with Minkah, Queen, T.J., Cam, Highsmith. They’re really building something there with Joey Porter as well.

Watt added

The less hype over the linebacker kind of irritated him. Hence, he called it much underrated.

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