Ex-Colorado QB Joel Klatt picks Caleb Williams over Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence as top QB NFL prospects in the last decade

Klatt's list features two quarterbacks from this year's draft class.

Ex-Colorado QB Joel Klatt picks Caleb Williams over Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence as top QB NFL prospects in the last decade

Joel Klatt picks Caleb Williams over Bengals star QB Joe Burrow (Via Imago/X)

Every year, the NFL witnesses a fresh class of draft prospects with immense talent. The quarterback position is at the focal point every year, as it is the most valued by teams in the league.


In the past decade, there have been a lot of college prospects who entered the NFL draft with high hopes and potential. Andrew Luck, the former quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, had an unforgettable college career and since his iconic run at Stanford, no other QB has been able to replicate his accomplishments.

Luck led his college to a 31-8 record as a starter and led them to three major bowl games while being a runner-up for the Heisman trophy for two consecutive years. In terms of records, he threw for 82 touchdowns and threw for 10,387 yards in total. He has been considered as the gold standard to compare college prospects who are entering the NFL Draft.

With the NFL 2024 Draft fast approaching, FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt ranked the top draft prospects, including this year’s prospects. The analyst’s list is strictly based on their College Football performance and the potential they had entering the NFL and not based on their actual performance in the NFL.


Here are the top players on Joel Klatt’s list:

  1. Caleb Williams of USC (2024)
  2. Trevor Lawrence of Clemson (Class of 2021)
  3. Joe Burrow of LSU (Class of 2020)
  4. Drake Maye of North Carolina (Class of 2024)
  5. Bryce Young of Alabama (Class of 2023)

Joel Klatt left Patrick Mahomes off of his list of top NFL QB prospects

Just by taking a glance at the list, it is evident that Patrick Mahomes is absent from it. Joel Klatt cited the fact that,

Evaluation of Mahomes was difficult and no QB had succeeded from that offense prior.

Mahomes went to Texas Tech and was coached by Kliff Kingsbury. The reason his draft stock fell to number 10 on the board was owing to the fact that he played under an Air Raid offensive system and, historically, QBs who came from that offense did not fare well in the NFL. Therefore, it was not easy to evaluate Mahomes at that stage.

Joe Burrow, Bryce Young, Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence, Bryce Young, Joe Burrow are other notable QBs on Klatt’s list (via Imago/X)

Joel Klatt’s list features two quarterbacks from this year’s draft class, Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. The other three prospects on this list were all number-one picks in their respective draft classes. Drake Maye could be the only player on this list to not be drafted with the number 1 pick. At this moment, Caleb Williams has the highest odds of being picked at the number 1 spot.


Drake Maye, making it to Klatt’s list, has shown that he is an underdog entering the draft. While there is no denying the potential he has, when compared to the other QBs on the list, let alone winning the Heisman, he failed to be nominated for the award in the first place.

His style of play is being compared to the likes of Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, and C.J. Stroud by league scouts. Could he end up outperforming Caleb Williams and prove to be the best QB of this draft? It is a strong possibility!

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