“What a joke!” – Josh Allen being levied a $10,927 fine for just ‘pointing a finger’ during the Bengals game has fans fuming on social media

Allen is penalized for pointing at the Bengals safety during last week's game.

“What a joke!” – Josh Allen being levied a $10,927 fine for just ‘pointing a finger’ during the Bengals game has fans fuming on social media

Josh Allen (via YT)

It seems that the NFL world is not happy with Josh Allen, the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, being charged a penalty of $10,927 for his unsporting attitude towards the Cincinnati Bengals safety Nick Scott. The NFL enthusiasts find it absolutely funny to receive a penalty for just pointing his finger at a player while completing his touchdown.


The decision sparked controversy earlier as well and Allen attracted support from renowned NFL stars. The tight-end of the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, also took the QB’s side in this controversial decision.

In the recent episode of his popular show, New Heights, Kelce expressed his agony over the decision. The TE said,

One of the weakest taunting calls you’ve ever seen? Probably. I’m not sure if I’ve seen too many of them... I think it’s bogus. I’m on Josh’s team on this. This is bull****.

The Bills and the Chiefs share an intense rivalry and they do spare an inch to each other on the turf. However, that rivalry did not have a role when Kelce openly came in support of Allen. Kelce also felt Allen is the victim in the entire situation.


The incident took place in the encounter between the Bills and the Bengals last week. Allen was about to complete his first touchdown in the game when he pointed fingers at the Bengals safety while having a smile on his face. Seeing the footage in the replay, the referees decided to award the Bills signal caller a penalty.

NFL fans are not happy with Josh Allen handed out penalty

Social media is not happy with Josh Allen receiving the penalty. Netizens flocked in numbers and shared their grudge over the decision. Check out some of the comments made by them.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen (Via Bleacher Report)

The Buffalo Bills had a frustrating week 10 as they lost against the Bengals by 18-24. It was their fourth loss in the season and presently they are looking for a solution to change things drastically. Their brilliant run at the beginning of the season came to a major halt due to the inconsistencies.


The analysts who once predicted the Bills as a Super Bowl contender are now turning their back on the team’s future. However, Josh Allen is not ready to quit. He believes that if any dressing room can change things then it is the Bills.

It’s not pretty, it’s not going to be easy. But if there’s a locker room that can handle this, it’s this one. Losing is never fun, losing sucks. That’s one thing, though, we’re not going to let this divide us. We’re going to come together and we’re going to figure it out.

The Bills will face the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. It is to be seen whether the dressing room manages to make a comeback.