“Damn, he’s handsome!”Julian Edelman was left flabbergasted meeting Tom Brady for the first time

The Patriots receiver recently made an appearance on the New Heights podcast where he shared the funny story.

“Damn, he’s handsome!”Julian Edelman was left flabbergasted meeting Tom Brady for the first time

Tom Brady with Julian Edelman (Image via Boston Globe)

The New England Patriots’ dynamic duo of Tom Brady and wide receiver Julian Edelman is one of the greatest QB-wideout pair of all time. Two of them dominated the opposing teams in the NFL for nearly a decade. Recently, the star wide receiver shared the story about him meeting Brady for the first time in the Patriots camp.


Speaking in a recent episode of Travis and Jason Kelce’s New Heights podcast, the Patriots legend revealed the first impression Brady left on him. “Dude’s handsome, f***ing tall and handsome,” said Edelman.

Back in 2009, Edelman entered the Patriots as a 7th-round draft pick out of Kent State. At the time, the Brady-Bill Belichick had already won three Super Bowl rings and were an established duo. So when Edelman first met the 6’4″ quarterback, he felt a little intimidated by Brady’s stature.

“I literally walked in through the locker room, I had my big a**, like, 20-inch binder of plays because we used to have playbooks. I walked in and almost dropped it. I’m like ‘Damn, he’s tall, he’s handsome’,” said Edelman.


Edelman used to be a backup quarterback during his days at Kent State. He was drafted by the Patriots in the late rounds and was developed into a wide receiver. That turned out to be a great move by the Pats’ front office as Edelman played a key role in the New England dynasty and help Tom Brady and the Pats to add three more Super Bowl rings to their resume.

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Tom Brady always targeted Michael Jordan not Joe Montana, says Julian Edelman

Joe Montana Tom Brady and Michael Jordan
Joe Montana (L- USA Today), Tom Brady (M – USA Today), and Michael Jordan (R – USA Today)

In the recent episode of the Kelce brothers’ New Heights podcast, the 3-time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman made an appearance and shared plenty of stories about the Patriots dynasty. In one particular story, Edelman revealed how Brady was aiming to best Michael Jordan‘s ring count even when he was still behind Joe Montana‘s championship victories.

After an AFC Championship game loss in the 2014 postseason, Brady was eager to win the Super Bowl the following season and started training as early as February. Edelman promised Brady that he will help him match the ring count of the San Francisco 49ers icon Joe Montana.


But Brady, who had three rings at the time, had higher ambitions. “I ain’t catching Montana. I’m going for (Michael) Jordan,”  said Brady. In the end, his wishes came true as he eclipsed both Montana and Jordan’s ring count by winning 7 Super Bowl titles.

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