Kansas City Police charges Wichita man who picked up a handgun in the midst of Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade shooting

The man was found in an inebriated condition.

Kansas City Police charges Wichita man who picked up a handgun in the midst of Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade shooting

Kansas City shooting (via Marca)

It has been a rough week for the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs. The team managed to win its second consecutive Super Bowl championship earlier this week, but the city was unable to celebrate the win in the right way because of an active shooter who wreaked havoc at Union Station by opening fire at the innocent. The law enforcement in KC has now charged a man hailing from Wichita, Missouri after they found out that he picked up a gun during the shooting.


As per KSN, the Court documents show Jose Castillo being charged in Jackson County, Missouri with unlawful possession of a firearm. The probable cause in this instance claims a witness who observed a fight informed officers about Castillo and stated that he picked up a gun that was dropped by one of the parties that was involved in the fight.

The law enforcement had him stand down and as he was getting onto the ground, he removed his Glock 22 and threw it on the ground. As per court documents, the man had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and his breath reeked of booze. He told the surrounding officers that he was at the location when the gunshots were fired, saw a gun on the floor, and decided to pick it up.

Jose Castillo has a history of conviction

After running a background check on Castillo, the man was found to have been convicted before. He was caught and charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana. The man’s story is that he believed the gunshots to be fireworks and as he saw the others run away from the location, he walked away as well. He decided to go to the restroom, and that is where he found the gun lying.


Kansas City shootings
Still from Union Station shooting (via Imago)

The man believed it belonged to an officer, and he picked it up and kept it with him to return it to a law enforcement officer. So far, the police continue to investigate the Union Station shooting at Kansas City. The incident left 1 dead and over 20 injured. It risked the lives of thousands gathered on the streets to celebrate the team’s victory in the Super Bowl.

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