Kanye West’s spokesperson debunks Brandon Marshall’s claim of Super Bowl ticket stunt by Taylor Swift

Kanye West attended the Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in a discreet manner.

Kanye West’s spokesperson debunks Brandon Marshall’s claim of Super Bowl ticket stunt by Taylor Swift

Kanye West and Taylor Swift (via Imago)

The most hilarious yet petty way a star has gotten back at his foe was when rapper 50 Cent purchased tickets of the first three rows of Ja Rule’s concert just so that he could leave them completely empty to rattle the rapper.


Turns out, this year in the Super Bowl, Kanye West attempted to pull a 50 cent on pop star Taylor Swift. He reportedly tried to upstage her by purchasing a suite located right in front of her, a claim made by former NFL player Brandon Marshall via his Paper Route podcast.

However, as per TMZ‘s report after speaking to a rep of Kanye West, the news has been brushed aside as false.

This is a completely fabricated rumor. It is not true. 
West’s reps told the source

Brandon Marshall had claimed that Kanye West purchased a seat right in front of Swift’s spot so that it would place him in the perfect position to photobomb her. The rapper was present at the Super Bowl, but sat at a different location.


Marshall had initially stated that Kanye West’s plan never worked out because Taylor Swift made “a call or two” to have him kicked out of Allegiant Stadium for that one night. Ye was present there and was seen with his wife Bianca Censori with his face covered.

Kanye West does not seem to have beef any longer with Taylor Swift

In addition to this, when TMZ spoke to Kanye West at LAX, the rapper was in a cheerful mood as his latest album Vultures hit the #1 mark on iTunes. He brought up how he was attempting to stand up for his peers by attempting to help them earn more for their songs. He brought Taylor Swift up in this midst, but in a positive light.

Kanye West and Brandon Marshall
Kanye West and Brandon Marshall (via People/Forbes)

Kanye West has been staying low-key lately. He has bigger things to worry about at the moment rather than attempting to get back at Taylor Swift. West was recently in the news after he lost his cool against a TMZ reporter. Taylor Swift has become one of the most influential personalities across the world and her influence has taken over the NFL as well after she began to date Travis Kelce.

Brandon Marshall sounded pretty confident while making these claims. There is a small chance that there was some merit to it, but considering it has been denied by West’s representatives and there are no other sources corroborating the same, the former wide receiver may have gotten this one wrong.


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