Keyshawn Johnson rubbishes the notion of Deion Sanders having a ‘failed’ season at Colorado after 4-7 record

The analyst believes the hype from the media has led to Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes being subjected to undue hate and criticism.

Keyshawn Johnson rubbishes the notion of Deion Sanders having a ‘failed’ season at Colorado after 4-7 record

Keyshawn Johnson and Deion Sanders (Via Imago)

This college football season was one of the more exciting ones in recent history. With many storylines such as the drama surrounding the Michigan Wolverines, the roller coaster of a ride that USC has had, and the most interesting one, the Colorado Buffaloes story with Deion Sanders, each week has been eventful and engaging for fans. The Buffaloes were one of the most hyped teams going into the season as they got off to a hot 3-0 start, but after that; the momentum came to a grinding halt.


Buffaloes are now 4-7 on the season and last in the Pac-12 league. While fans are criticizing and trolling Sanders and Co. over their failure, Keyshawn Johnson of Undisputed does not think that is the case. The analyst dubbed the team’s season as a success,

He took over a program that won one game. He's got them at 4.

Johnson continued and defended Coach Prime,

He knew his team, he knew what he had, he said it from day 1. 

In his first season at Colorado, the former NFL legend had fans and players hyped to play. He brought a sense of renewed energy into the Buffaloes football program. Sanders effectively changed the culture within the team and yet is being criticized for the same.


Deion Sanders’ 4-7 record with the Buffaloes is significant

Keyshawn Johnson went on to add that the analysts and fans were the ones who were viewing the Buffaloes from a different perspective.

We had the Colorado glasses on. We weren't seeing straight, he was in the room, he had all the information. We didn't have all the information.

The analyst elaborated on how the media focused on just the stellar performances of a few players, such as Shedeur Sanders, Shilo Sanders, and Travis Hunter. However, when one looked at the team as a whole, they had a lot of visible flaws that were exposed when they went against top programs in college football.

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders has transformed the football program in Colorado (via AP)

The analyst is of the opinion that Deion Sanders has been subjected to undue criticism from the media because it was they who put the Buffaloes on such a high pedestal and had sky-high expectations from them.

It is unfair to him because it brings out the naysayers and the haters and the jealousy and all those things.

The analyst further praised the former NFL great for what he has accomplished this season. Deion Sanders deserves more credit because things are much different now. Despite the Buffaloes’ record this season, he did show that he can turn a football program around and set them on the right path. Johnson added,

He didn't inherit a program.

Sanders built the Buffaloes program from the ground up. He did not walk into an already reputed program such as Texas A&M or USC. He was put in a position to fail and the fact that he managed to win 4 games, which is 3 more than the Buffaloes managed to win last season, speaks volumes about Coach Prime.

Owing to the hype from the media, fans quickly lost sight of practicality and began to expect Deion Sanders to make Colorado a great football program like USC or LSU but that is not how it works, this year was just one step toward that goal, and best believe that he will come back next year and break the team’s win record of this season.

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