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“They don’t care about what you’ve done”: Concerns about Lamar Jackson’s longevity will cost him millions as per Rob Ninkovich

Lamar Jackson is long due to get paid, however, the Ravens seem hesitant to pay him that big quarterback money, here are some reasons why he may not be worth that Mahomes kind of money

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league, his contract is long overdue and the Baltimore Ravens appear to be hesitant about paying him that big quarterback money similar to Mahomes or Josh Allen. The fact that Lamar represents himself and does not have any agent is not as helpful for him either. He has to take an active stance on if he will show up or stay out of games upon not getting paid which is usually easier to decide if you have an agent.

The Baltimore Ravens seem to not believe in Lamar long-term especially given his bad performance come playoff time. His regular-season records are stellar and his MVP season and the run game makes a case for him to be paid but the team does not feel confident enough in trusting his long run. The team also does not have enough weapons, they have traded all the major weapons such as Hollywood Brown away, which has left Lamar with very little to work with.

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“Success in the pocket as a pocket passer, those are the quarterbacks that are getting paid top dollar”: The top reason why Lamar Jackson is not getting paid

Lamar Jackson has a tough decision coming up ahead of the NFL season

Lamar is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, top-10 is debatable but he is a lock for the top-15. His athleticism is off the charts and the man is unpredictable, it is hard for defenses to figure him out, although not impossible. “I would pay Lamar because I think he is that good of a football player but Lamar has been hit 821 times in his short career, the Ravens are looking at the amount of contact that he receives and the longevity of the next 4-5 years, can he sustain when he needs his game-changing, is Lamar the same player if he loses his stepper? Is he the same player 8 or 9 years down the line?” Rob Ninkovich believes the Ravens are looking long-term, though Lamar is perfect for now, will he be as good 5 years later or will injuries plague him?

However, he does believe that Lamar deserves to get paid, “I would pay him because I know how much he means to that organization but unfortunately, these teams, they pay for the future, they do not care about what you’ve done in the past, it’s all about the potential for the next 5 years, and the reason they are not giving him that top 5 QB money is because of his style of play.” Rob concludes.

Lamar is very prone to be hit, especially considering he prefers running over throwing the ball. In addition to that his aim is not the best in the league, for a quarterback throwing accuracy is the topmost priority, other things all fall in place after that. Despite all of this, we can expect Lamar to get paid this season but will he get that Mahomes kinda money, it is doubtful.

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