NFL refuses to ban Eagles’ controversial ‘tush push’ play: “Don’t punish a team that does it well”

NFL Executive V.P. Troy Vincent claims there's no reason to ban the Tush Push play.

NFL refuses to ban Eagles’ controversial ‘tush push’ play: “Don’t punish a team that does it well”

Eagles' controversial Tush Push play (Via Imago)

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken the Tush Push play to a different level. They have achieved huge success with the proper implementation of the move. Their quarterback, Jalen Hurts moves in the middle and he receives a brotherly push from his teammates that helps him to break the opponent’s defense. It has become a signature move of Hurts and has helped the team to reach the Super Bowl.


However, not everyone seemed happy with Hurts successfully utilizing the move. Hence, demands were raised to the NFL authority to ban the famous (or maybe infamous for some) move. Nevertheless, it seems like the executives won’t be making any moves to ban the tush push play.

In a firm statement, Troy Vincent, the VP of Football Operations at NFL Football said that they did not want to punish a team that is doing great due to the implementation of the strategy on the gridiron. Vincent shared his take on the NBC show PFT Live.

Don’t punish a team that strategically does it well. Their success rate, is just amazing.
Troy Vincent said

The VP further noted that they had not discussed the Tush Push in the scouting combine. According to an article by NBC Sports, everyone on the committee had suggested that there was no need to ban the move. The VP suggested other teams come up with defensive solutions that would help them to stop Jalen Hurts.

Despite the success, the sneak play has met with multiple controversies. Even, not all the Eagles players are big fans of that. A few days back, Eagles star Jason Kelce noted that Tush Push made his life difficult.


Philadelphia Eagles are recruiting the Chiefs star L’Jarius Sneed

To the success of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2023-24, the defense contributed the most. The likes of Chris Jones and L’Jarius Sneed had major roles. Now, according to sources, the Eagles are rooting for Sneed to join their team.

L'Jarius Sneed Tush Push
L’Jarius Sneed (Via Imago)

According to a report by Marca, multiple Eagles players are texting the defender to join the Chiefs. The rookie season contract of Sneed is over and he might become expensive by hitting the free agency. The Chiefs would love to have him back on the team, however, the Eagles are also showing interest in him.

Last season, the Eagles suffered a lot due to the holes in their defensive unit. Hence, they are rooting for some good defensive options. Sneed can be their alternative to solve the defense question.

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