Lizzo REMOVED from the list of Super Bowl contenders amid ‘fat shaming’ controversy and sexual assault allegations

Lizzo is being sued by three of her backup dancers for alleged sexual harassment.

Lizzo REMOVED from the list of Super Bowl contenders amid ‘fat shaming’ controversy and sexual assault allegations

Lizzo (Image via People)

Super Bowl is one of the biggest annual events in the United States that attracts millions and millions of viewers. Apart from the sport, the Halftime music performance at the big game is also iconic. Earlier this year, the Caribbean-born pop sensation Rihanna rocked the halftime performance while pregnant. This year, the famed Hip-Hop artist Lizzo was being considered, but now she has reportedly lost that opportunity following sexual assault allegations.


“Talks of Lizzo being a part of the Halftime festivities, or performing the National Anthem, are dead now that she is surrounded by scandal,” an insider told

The Lizzo scandal is deep. Three former backing dancers of Lizzo have filed a lawsuit against the artist over sexual assault and fat shaming. According to the suit, the 35-year-old singer allegedly pressured the dancers to engage with naked performers at an Amsterdam’s club. Furthermore, she also allegedly pressured them to eat bananas sticking from s*x workers’ v*ginas at a nightstand.

Apart from the three dancers, at least six other people have accused the Grammy Award winner of sexual assault. Lizzo’s credibility is falling at a rapid pace and it’s tough to see her recovering from this soon.


“If she speaks out, her statements are shredded. If she stays quiet, she is called a coward. Either way, it does not appear at this moment that she can recover from this,” the insider said.

So, as of now, the 35-year-old has been removed from the list of potential Super Bowl performers at the Super Bowl game in February. Some prevalent names that could perform at the Super Bowl are Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Sam Smith.

The pop-music sensation Taylor Swift, who missed the 2023 halt-time performance opportunity due to scheduling issues, is expected to be unavailable during the 2024 Super Bowl for similar reasons.

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Lizzo denies the allegations on social media

Lizzo Amy Harris Super Bowl halftime show sexual assault
Lizzo (Photo by Amy Harris)

The American singer Lizzo is facing legal trouble over sexual assault allegations. After multiple people accused the famed music artist Lizzo, she has taken to social media to deny those allegations.

Lizzo shared a long post on Instagram denying the allegations and wrote, “These last few days have been gut wrenchingly difficult and overwhelmingly disappointing.”

Nonetheless, the damage has already been done. Her concerts are being canceled, and she also lost the opportunity to perform at one of the biggest stages in the country, the Super Bowl halftime show. Now, Lizzo has no other option but to fight those allegations in court.

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