Top NFL Draft prospect Marvin Harrison Jr. is inclined towards being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have the fourth pick in this year's NFL Draft.

Top NFL Draft prospect Marvin Harrison Jr. is inclined towards being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals

Marvin Harrison Jr. (Via Imago)

With just under a month to go for the NFL Draft 2024, teams are attempting to fulfill their positional requirements through free agency in order to determine which position they should utilize their draft capital upon.


While the top three teams in the draft are all in requirement of a quarterback and are likely to draft players available at that position, one player in the draft is giving teams second thoughts about drafting QBs and that is none other than wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

The Ohio State University wide receiver is deemed to be the most pro-ready player in this draft class. He reportedly has a preference set in his head going into the draft. Marvin Harrison Jr. is inclined towards becoming the newest member of the Arizona Cardinals, his former teammate Paris Johnson Jr. revealed on the Cardinals Corner podcast.

I literally went to Marvin and was like, 'Dude, you know you're a Cardinal, right? I knew he was going to be a Cardinal because I saw what happened with (DeAndre Hopkins). I'm like, the Cardinals are probably going to want another 6-4 receiver...I'm like, dude, I have a feeling, you're probably going to be a Cardinal.
Paris Johnson Jr.

Here’s where it gets interesting, as Harrison Jr. responded positively, stating that “he wanted to be a Cardinal.”


Marvin Harrison Jr. is a sure shot Cardinal if GM Monti Ossenfort doesn’t get a suitable trade

To Marvin Harrison Jr.’s luck, he could be one of the few players who gets drafted to the team he wants to. The Cardinals have the fourth pick in the Draft this year. The team is definitely not going to select a quarterback because they have Kyler Murray, which leaves Harrison as the best option for them. Considering that DeAndre Hopkins is no longer on their roster, they are in dire need of a wideout and the OSU receiver will perfectly fill that void for them.

Marvin Harrison Jr. Ohio State Buckeyes NFL Combine
Marvin Harrison Jr (Via Imago)

That is the status quo for now, but things can change anytime. Recently, the Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort revealed the team is open to hearing trade offers in exchange for the fourth overall pick. Another notable fact is the Los Angeles Chargers, who have the fifth overall pick right behind Arizona.

If Jim Harbaugh deems Harrison Jr. to be a prospect worth trading up for, then he is likely to make a suitable offer accordingly. The Chargers receiver room lacks depth after Keenan Allen’s exit. The team is desperate for wideouts and when a generational prospect such as Harrison Jr. is available; it is best to usually jump at the opportunity.

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