Mohamed Sanu reveals his preferred QB1 for the 49ers

Mohamed Sanu talks about his preferred quarterback for the 49ers

Mohamed Sanu

The San Francisco 49ers had a good season last year, making it to the playoffs and beating Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. However, during that game, the 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo had a below-par performance scoring 0 touchdowns with a passer rating of 43.6.

The question that many San Francisco 49ers have is who will be their floor general moving ahead as Jimmy Garoppolo has not been the best performer in the post-season. Even in the Superbowl against the Kansas City Chiefs, the quarterback gave up two interceptions and had a decent performance overall in comparison to Patrick Mahomes.

“Trey Lance is young and very dynamic”: Mohamed Sanu

Trey Lance
Trey Lance

The 49ers drafted quarterback Trey Lance last year in the draft, dubbed by many as a player with much promise, he has proven his worth in the regular season leading his team to two wins out of five games. In addition to this, Lance can also run the ball, unlike Jimmy G who is mostly a stationary quarterback.

In the latest podcast of I AM ATHLETE hosted by Brandon Marshall, teammates Mohamed Sanu and George Kittle of the 49ers were asked about the QB situation in the team.

Sanu said, “They’re honestly two different people, Trey is young and dynamic, he is aspiring and eager to learn, and you can see that determination in him. It’s a different dynamic like they both bring different things to the table, Jimmy’s leadership is what made that team what it was.”

Sanu also said that Jimmy was being an active mentor for Trey Lance and was not being hostile towards the young QB. “Jimmy along the way in the process knowing like okay he’s the guy I’m competing with but I need to help him because I know he’ll help the team.”

Kittle on the other hand added that Trey has an insane ceiling confirming the potential that everyone saw in him before last year’s draft. The San Francisco 49ers have not yet mentioned anything explicitly about who the starter for the upcoming season will be. The team has not attempted to trade Jimmy G either so it appears that the front office is still thinking about the QB situation.

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