“The best quarterback in the NFC East is still Dak Prescott”: Kimberley Martin believes that the Philadelphia Eagles are overhyped

Despite having a blockbuster offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles are not likely to come out on top of the NFC East as Jalen Hurts has not been the best QB in the division in comparison to Dak Prescott

Jalen Hurt

The Philadelphia Eagles have made blockbuster moves this NFL offseason. By trading for the Titans’ rising star wideout A.J. Brown in exchange for draft picks, they signed Haason Reddick who is one of the best edge-rushers in the league, the team also solidified their offensive line and defensive line. This in combination with a young mobile quarterback in Jalen Hurts, the team has now high expectations riding on it as on paper, they are the best in the entire NFC East.

However, despite this, there are multiple issues that need to be addressed. As is with every NFL season, no team can perform to the best of its potential as long as it has a healthy roster. In addition to this, Jalen Hurts needs to improve his throwing, his aiming and ability to throw deep have been in the question a lot. Provided these two issues are addressed, the Eagles can walk away with the NFC East.

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“If you don’t have a quarterback, you don’t have anything”: Kimberley Martin on Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurt
Jalen Hurts’ performance will be instrumental in determining if the Eagles will make it out of the NFC East

ESPN First Take Analyst Kimberley Martin believes that though the Eagles have significantly updated their roster, the biggest uncertainty remains with Jalen Hurts. “If you don’t have a quarterback in the NFL, you don’t have anything, you might as well sit out. I think he’s(Jalen Hurts) gonna be a really good starter but we still have to see him this season go out there and the best quarterback in the NFC East is still Dak Prescott,” as per Kimberley.

What separates the Eagles from the Cowboys is the fact that Dak has proven himself to be a consistent quarterback who can play well and perform well, however, Hurts is yet to show us that. “In my mind, that gap between the Dallas Cowboys and the Eagles has shrunk but the quarterback, a lot of confidence in Jalen but he still has to go out there and prove the naysayers wrong,” she concluded.

However, Rob Ninkovich vehemently disagreed with Kimberley’s opinion on the Eagles. “I believe that the Eagles on draft night when A.J. Brown went to the Eagles, that is when the Eagles jumped over the Cowboys,” he stated showing his belief in the young squad.

Speaking about the Cowboys, Rob believes that the team is under immense pressure due to owner Jerry Jones hyping the team up and predicting that they will make the Super Bowl prematurely before the season begins. The Cowboys collapse under such pressure and have let their fans down multiple times.

In addition to this, he defends Hurts by saying, “You got DeVonta Smith, you got A.J., and I think Jalen Hurts is now on this upswing and he is going to continue to grow and develop and be a better QB.” Apart from this, he also is of the opinion that the Eagles have a well-balanced team overall. “He’s got the offensive line, he’s got the defense, they got the cornerbacks, they got the pass-rush, and they got the draft picks in the pass-rush, and there’s only two teams in this division.”

The NFC East at the moment has two contenders only, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, so it is a battle between the two, however, it is yet to be seen if the chemistry of this rejuvenated Eagles team plays out on the NFL field and yields dividends for the team.

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