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“He has to get over it”: Nick Wright is not pleased with Lamar Jackson’s reaction to the Hollywood Brown trade

Here's what Nick Wright had to say about the Hollywood Brown trade

Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens surprised all by trading one of their top receivers, Marquise Hollywood Brown to the Arizona Cardinals in return for the 23rd pick in the NFL Draft. Quarterback for the Ravens, Lamar Jackson was clearly not pleased about this. He expressed his dissatisfaction over this move by retweeting tweets from fans who criticized this move by Raven’s front office.

However, in today’s edition of First Things First, Nick Wright believes that this move is a smart one for the Ravens, “They got a 23rd pick for a guy who is not a top 23 WR,” Wright exclaimed. Clearly, with this trade, the receiving core for the Arizona Cardinals just got stronger as the team already had DeAndre Hopkins, who is a star receiver.

“It was a great trade by Baltimore”: Nick Wright comments on Lamar Jackson’s tweet after the Hollywood Brown trade

Lamar Jackson

As far as the Ravens are concerned, Lamar Jackson just lost another of his go-to weapons. The receiving core of the team revolved around Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin, Devin Duvernay, and Willie Snead IV. Out of these, Brown and Snead had developed amazing chemistry with the quarterback.

Lamar is clearly infuriated with the front office as, despite his remarkable seasons, the team keeps falling short due to the lack of offensive weapons. Analyst Nick Wright believes that the organization has to “Explain to Lamar that we can easily replace Hollywood Brown, we got the 23rd pick, while AJ Brown went for the 18th, AJ Brown is three-times the player that Hollywood is.” He added that he expects Lamar to “get over it.”

One of the top reasons for the Ravens trading Hollywood Brown despite some of his amazing plays is his injury concerns. He was out for most of last season due to quad-strain and even went through an off-season surgery to remove a screw from his injured foot.

"He has to get over it": Nick Wright is not pleased with Lamar Jackson's reaction to the Hollywood Brown trade 2

Nevertheless, the Baltimore Ravens are expected to add more receivers into their lineup, as Lamar’s running game has been hampered due to defenses all around the league building exclusive strategies to combat it. He cannot afford to take a lot of hits as a QB either. Arizona’s QB Kyler Murray on the contrary has to be overjoyed as he just got another receiver who he can rely upon in the slot.

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